Sunday, 31 January 2016

First Real Flight

I am in the planning stages of a trip, and came back to review my first real flight (more than 2 hours).

At 18, I had three short trips revolving around Air Force boot-camp and the technical school after that.

So my grand trip was in January of 1978...from Charleston Air Force Base to Rhein Main Air Base....aboard a 707 (as cramped as you can get) full uniform....and sitting there for roughly nine hours.  I was sitting in the middle seat which just compounded this trip even more.

This was during the period when everyone you were continually watching people light up and huff.

The food?  Something on an aluminum tray which resembled a TV dinner but was only half that good.

On a scale of one to was a marginal three at best.

If you count all the flights in my life.....I'm probably up around 150 point, with a dozen of them in military cargo planes.  Those were always the more ideal method of travel because you could get up and walk around the whole interior of the to the pallets or vehicles.  On one occasion, we had a Air Force fire truck in the back.

After enough of these marginal trips.....I sorta have a problem now with flight planning.  There are certain airports that I really don't care to transit through (JFK for example) and I start paying attention to the particular airframe offered for a flight (they typically don't like telling you that type of you have to dig for it).  With only a few exceptions.....I can't stand to eat any food served onboard a plane (Lux-air and Air France are my exceptions).

If you've never been on an Icelandic Air've never experienced the mayonnaise sandwich....10-percent bread, 10-percent fish, and 80-percent mayonnaise.

After a while, you learn how to gracefully step into a marginal bathroom area and somehow let your pants just fall, and do your business....then use six different steps to get the pants back up and in place.

The crazies?  I've only noted one or two people that had serious issues....either from too much alcohol or stupid behavior.

From this original Charleston flight.....after I got off the plane....I never wanted to ride another jet.  To be restricted for nine was simply impossible.  Maybe I've conditioned myself, and the entertainment options with movies and TV shows help to pass the time.....but I still hate long-distance traveling with a passion.

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