Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Email Story

Most news services say that 150 FBI agents are onto this Hillary email episode currently.

This would make you sit back and ponder.....where exactly is this going?

The chief issue I see is that these classified messages that went to her private account.....were directed by a cut-and-paste job.  Some office worker (perhaps several) cut and paste classified messages.  It would not be that simple, and you'd require some higher privileges.....thus more training and certification.  Whoever did it.....knew it was a violation of the security code.

The thing is....once this went out to her account....then what?  Did it get rerouted around?  Did it go to other members of the Clinton Foundation who have no government job or security clearance?  And if so.....what happened then?

I'm of the mind that the Clinton Foundation ended up with the classified information, and this was part of a pay-for-help gimmick with sponsors of the Clinton Foundation.  If you were a Saudi business enterprise and wanted inside info on the Russian oil business....the Clinton Foundation might have a folder and handy info.  If you were a Chinese sponsor of the Clinton Foundation, then you might have a big interest in such-and-such trade agreement being worked up.

The problem here (which the 150 FBI guys will eventually get to) if you sold classified data to someone for money (even for the Foundation donation gimmick)'s illegal.  You could go to jail for decades.

Building a case?  It'd take months because you'd have to get to email records of the Clinton Foundation, and get one or two insiders to agree to some rat on the others.

At some point, the FBI is going to be blunt and tell the Attorney General that they've got the goods and about 90-percent ready to hand the case to her.  The Attorney General could just decide to dump this and forbid any case.....but the FBI might accidentally hand the folder to some news organization and trigger a massive senate episode.

In the end.....I think several people are in serious jeopardy of jail-time.  Hillary's pursuit of the White House?  Finished.

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