Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Thing About Chocolate-Cover Fries

McDonalds has reached a stage where business is tough and they need to entice people to come more often back to the fast food enterprise.  So, they have this new idea.  Chocolate-covered fries.

It's hard for me to imagine such a 'treat'.  It's loaded with sugar, sodium, and various preservatives.

About thirty years ago, I had to ride along on some stupid tour bus to Switzerland.  The package deal included one evening at a Swiss authentic dinner.....which had a fondue 3-course dinner.  The last fondue.....was the chocolate deal....where you took some sweet bread and dipped it into a hot chocolate sauce deal over a fire. At the time, the chocolate sauce reminded me of melted M and M's.

What the business reports say is that it's only a 'test' and might only be a one-time production item.  I looked at the wasn't a completely covered fry with simply had a ketchup-like stream over a pile of fries.

Presently, McDonalds is worried.  The business boom of 1980s is gone.  People got worried about nutrition, fatty foods, and hygiene.  They need a gimmick...something to return back to the glory days, and chocolate covered fries....seems to be it.

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