Saturday, 2 January 2016

TV Viewing

There on New Year eve.....while sitting in Germany.....I was channel flipping.  So around 10PM, I flipped to this oddball movie playing on a German commercial network.

It was Russ Meyer's production of UP! (1976).  It was some softcore nudy movie with the basic script of some Nazi-guy who was murdered in some Bavarian-style mansion in southern California.....with dozens of nude Amazon gals walking around.

For about ten minutes I sat and watched this.  It was designed as a least in 1976.  It's mostly marginal acting.....a guy with a camera....and some kinda script that would have come from two twelve-year-old kids.

I looked at the German TV guide and they were going to feature two of Russ Meyer's movies (UP! and Vixen).....over four hours.....uncensored.  The thing just sit there and shake your head because it has no redeeming qualities and absolutely no story-line, but appeals to you in some weird way (maybe it was the boobs....maybe it was the landscape).

Possibility on a US network?  Zero.  Oddly, the Germans carried it.....without cutting a single minute.

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