Friday, 8 January 2016

University of Missouri Fallout

One of the regional channels around Columbia, Missouri....near the University of Missouri....came up with a report that a downward trend exist in applications to the campus......since all the 'Black Lives Matter' episodes.

Five percent less applications....that means 941 less freshmen in the fall.  Even for black students.....almost twenty-percent less than the previous year.  Graduate almost twenty-percent.....declined as well.

It was predicted.

What happens here?  There will be various discussions and some people will say it's a temp-thing.  Maybe.....but let's say in January of 2017.....there's another five-percent drop.  That's the point where you go to the professors and instructors....and start to discuss the idea of letting people go.  Then they get all upset and frustrated.

A bad trend?  Some people would say that it was simply reality.  Parents got involved and suggested to the kid that this wasn't the right atmosphere....the right place to get educated....and suggested another college in the state.  It may take a decade for some reversal to occur and people forget about what happened.

My guess is that if you look around the region.....other colleges got the five-percent instead.

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