Monday, 29 February 2016


I sat and read through an article today.....suggesting the idea of Micheal Bloomberg running for President is getting closer to reality.

The likely scenario?

I'm guessing that part of the bigger deal is the possible court episode dragging Hillary Clinton into a bigger mess, and the fact that half the Republican establishment in DC are anti-Trump.

What happens if no indictment occurs with Hillary?  Bloomberg is there to mostly win New York, New Jersey, and cut down on Trump numbers in Florida to ensure it falls to Hillary.

My guess is that we are playing with a scenario where neither Hillary or Trump gets the 270 electoral votes, and the House gets dragged into a state-by-state voting deal.....where the GOP thinks they can force enough House Republicans to vote their way for Bloomberg (remember, you need 26 state delegations to slide their one and only vote over to pick from the top two vote gathers of the November election.....if no one wins the electoral college).

The pay-off required here?  That's the curious thing.  Once you get to this stupid event.....the help their favorite son (Bloomberg) to win.....will have to offer up campaign funding of a significant nature to individual House members (at least in my humble opinion) make this all work.

How big of a mess will the Bloomberg run turn into?  Up until this week.....Trump might have had some trouble with this scenario.  But since New Jersey's Christie got into this support deal.....any Bloomberg run in the New York or New Jersey area.....will have Christie chasing him around the state and actively forcing him to spend a heck of a lot of time win.  I'd give Bloomberg less than a thirty-percent chance now of getting the two states.

So, if you were looking for some crazy political game.....this might be the best you'd see in your entire lifetime.

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