Friday, 18 March 2016

The Madonna Story

I sat this morning....reading over entertainment news, and noted this oddball Madonna story from Australia.

Last week....she was supposed to show up at Melbourne's Forum Theater at 8:30 PM.  Tickets were sold and thousands were set show.  She eventually got there at 1AM....roughly four and a half hours later.

The concert itself?  It did run on to roughly 3AM.

No one says much except there a fair number that just gave up and left before midnight.  Requests for their money back?  Not much has been said yet but I'm guessing some folks expect their money back.

The reason for the delay?  Band practice. does sound pretty bogus.

The Brisbane Madonna episode.  She was two hours late on starting, and folks had some problems in getting back home because public transportation wasn't held to fit that deal.  I'm guessing taxi-drivers made a ton of money that night.

How did Melbourne deal with this?  They actually kept some tram and bus drivers on duty that night and helped folks get home.....but it was all a over-time deal, with tens of thousands given out to cover the extra cost.

What's going?  At some point, cities will start a bond deal.  You want a major concert with 20,000 people in the middle of some a bond that you start on time and end by a time.  Failure to conclude your deal.....lose your bond.

In the end, you have people who need full-time people managing them, and tells them to actually be in the building two hours ahead of time and ensure that the concert is concluded by a professional entertainer.  In this case.....what idiot would pay $75 for a ticket to a Madonna concert....if you knew she was not going to show up for four hours?

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