Thursday, 7 April 2016

Just How Stupid Can You Get Situation

There on Monday, at the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.....some student noticed some Catholic priest dressed in a white robe and a white rope-belt, and quickly identified the guy as a Ku Klux Klan member and carrying a whip.  Then the brilliant kid put out the message on social media that blazed across the campus in a matter of minutes.

So, then a hall manager put out an email warning students of a potential threat with the KKK wandering around,   Possible threat was uttered.

Folks are a bit peeved about how this quickly went out of control, and that it's fairly easy to recognize a Catholic priest in the white robe ought to be.  And the idea of identifying a rope-belt as a whip?  That takes a little bit of imagination.

What happens if some circus were to do a town-walk-through (like the old days) with live elephants, and goes near a university?  You'd have to expect some kid putting out an emergency message that wild elephants are roaming the campus.

I'm almost of the mind that college is too harsh of an atmosphere for 18-year old kids, and that you ought to mandate a kid be a minimum of twenty years old before he attends a university.

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