Thursday, 7 April 2016

My President Bernie Scenario

Maybe I'm wrong, but here is my Bernie-as-president scenario.

We reach the Republican convention in mid-July, without Trump having the necessary votes to win on the first ballot.

Somewhere between the first and second ballots.....some unknown Republican character emerges and in the blink of an eye....on the eye ballot....Trump and Cruz lose votes, and this unknown third-party wins the nomination.

There is shock and disbelief, with a third of the convention members packing up that night and flying out....being disgusted with the outcome and unable to sit there....or feel excited over the outcome.   Trump voters say that's it....they won't vote for this individual.....NOR will they vote for any Republican for the rest of their life.

Somewhere in the midst of this convention period, Hillary announces that charges will occur and she can't run for President.

The Democratic Convention starts on 25 July in Philly.  Bernie has a positive feeling at this point.  Oddly, another unknown character arrives, and suddenly around half of Hillary's voters flip over.  Bernie is charged up and angry, with half of Hillary's folks mad.  The first ballot doesn't get a winner, but by the second ballot....enough Bernie votes are found and he makes this miracle win.

News people, lobbyists and political figures are in utter shock.

As we go into November's election....Trump's people are furious and carry out their threat.  They vote massively for Bernie, and for Democrats across the board.

January arrives with President Bernie, sixty-one Democrats in the Senate, and a 62-percent Democratic House.

Bernie selects an extreme far-left judge for the empty Supreme Court position, and by mid-summer.....has replaced two additional Supreme Judges because of their health issues (one liberal and one conservative).  The two new ones are moderate liberals.  The stack of the court will be six liberals and three conservative.

By November, the Bernie administration will have decided to drop out of NATO, and to downsize the US military.

Even some of the old-time Democrats in the Senate aren't able to hold back this Bernie enthusiasm.

Journalists will be sitting there for the whole first year, in a state of confusion.  No one wants to talk politics anymore.  The Trump are hard-wired to vote against any Republican.  Various state legislatures went Democrat and there's talk that it might be ten years before recovery occurs.

Presently, I think both parties have a major problem and the public won't buy off on some weird convention outcome.

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