Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Effect of the Republican Convention

There is this scenario underway that may concern some folks.  If we get to the Republican Convention and Trump doesn't have the votes to automatically goes into the next round, and things may get hectic....with Cruz or possibly some other party winning the nomination.

How angry will Trump-voters be?  Angry enough to carry out the vow and not vote in November's election or vote Hillary.

The effect on the twenty-one Republican Senators running also in November?

Let's say that 35-percent of the normal Republican tally throughout the US are Trump-enthusiasts and carry out a threat to dump their votes on a straight ticket to the Democrats.  Of the twenty-one humble guess is that a handful (maybe three) would have enough votes to survive, but the mass majority would fall.  The same is true for the House members as well.

So, here's this odd scenario in January of 2017, where a strong Democratic House (more than 55-percent) and a absolute majority of Democrats in the Senate (sixty-plus) would walk in and have President Hillary Clinton.

What might Hillary do with such a majority?  Unknown.  For two brief years, she'd have enormous potential to remake the government and carry out various actions with no significant worry.

The Republicans?  Hoping to rebuild in 2018 or 2020?  Forget about it.   That 35-percent Trump group would likely be permanent anti-Republican and it'd take at least a decade before the Republicans could rebuild their core.

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