Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Truth About Truth Commissions

Truth Commissions:  a device or gimmick....which is appointed to a job or task, with discovering and uncovering past wrongs by a government or event, with the ultimate goal of being resolution and preventing future events of a similar circumstance.

Various governments (the US, Mexico, El Salvador, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, etc) have used the instrument to give the public an image of straight information.  Sometimes it a few cases, it fails.

For the US, one of the better examples of a truth commission is the Warren Commission, which took ten months to produce a 888-page report that said that Oswald acted alone and put the public at rest.

Another the 9-11 Commission, which eventually put the settled upon the end conclusion that Al Qaeda acted upon the event without any sponsorship.  The blame was settled upon bad security practices at the airports, terrorism, and Ossama bin Laden.....oh, and the evil regime of Saddam Hussen was more or less added into this mix of issues.

After last week's revelation of Saudi private citizen sponsorship of the 9-11 act.....there's a lot of pressure building for the 28 pages of classified material to be released and better understand the actual sponsors of 9-11 terrorists themselves.  The value of the 9-11 report?  Pretty zero at this point.

This brings me back to the Oswald episode and the Warren Commission.  If the 9-11 report was to persuade Americans not to blame anyone or go any have to wonder about the Warren Commission.  Did the mafia play a part in Oswald being there and getting the blame?  Was Oswald supposed to be shot in the theater, and the cop got shot instead?  Did Jack Ruby do the job to clean up the mess for the Mafia?

This is the problem with truth commissions.....they serve more to put the public at rest....rather than settle upon the truth.

My suspicion is that the 28 pages of secret information on the Saudis will be dragged out by some hacker, and the public will be infuriated by both Bush and Obama....demanding something be done about the Saudis.

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