Friday, 13 May 2016

The Blame for Trump Being Where He Is

In recent days, I've seen a couple of people try to analyze and provide some logic on how we reach a point where Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, makes sense and attracts votes.  If I may.....I'll offer five observations:

1.  For at thirty years, we've been told that America is "broke".  We've been requested to vote Republican or Democrat (both parties have done it) to fix the "broke" problem.  We've been told this by intellectuals and such a degree, that we actually now believe the nation is broke, and we also have reached some mental stage of assuming that regular political figures from both parties.....are unable to fix this "broke" issue.  Whether Trump can fix this "broke" is irreverent and not part of the discussion.  We've simply assumed that normal candidates can't fix it.

2.  Across the Republican Party at present, it's the weakest period in recent history for anyone to be in the public eye and not be seen as a positive candidate.  Across the nation.....most people who identify as a Republican.....laugh over their options.....even if it's fifteen different characters.

3.  We got use to executive action being normal (under some degree of Bush, but to a significant degree under Obama).  So Trump's behavior doesn't bother us.

4.  The news media gave President Obama a free ticket over really checking out his background.  So, now in this present one really believes the news media when they do attempt to check out Trump's background.  Unless they find out he shot some grandmother forty years ago, or had a personal relationship with Saddam.....I don't think anyone really cares about Trump's history.

5.  Reality TV equals reality politics.  We got used to it.

Please note.....I'm not much of a Trump enthusiast and I just don't see much quality across the whole spectrum this time for candidates from any party.  It is surprising that Jeb Bush had $300 million to spend, and won not a single primary.....and that Bernie Saunders really perked up the college-age youth vote.....but frankly, there's nothing special about this election in terms of core platforms.  It's like watching an episode of Amish Mafia and just assuming it's all factual and enjoyable.

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