Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Robot Generation

I will likely live long enough to occasionally face robots in daily life......I've come to accept this idea now.    This discussion that continues to come up about the $15 an hour pay scale for burger flippers will be what drives this change in society.

There are some marvelous benefits to McDonalds going toward robot-flippers.

1.  There is no over-time issue.

2.  You flip the switch at 5AM to prep the opening and the robots are there (on time).

3.  You don't worry about drug-tests or some guy showing up half-drunk for his shift.

4.  If the order says extra sauce and extra onions, it's delivered right 100-percent of the time.

5.  Robots don't stink (unless the maintenance guy screws up).

6.  Robots don't whine, freak-out, grip, or sob.

7.  Robots don't need to be told over and over about directives or standards.

8.  Robots don't ask you to repeat your order five times.

9.  Robots don't steal from the business.

10.  Robots will work around the clock.

11.  Robots will never pay state taxes or require healthcare from the company.

12.  Robots don't take smoke-breaks.

13.  Robots don't get the flu.

14.  Robots don't miss their shifts.

15.  Robots don't waste resources.

In the end, the crowd pressing for the $15 an hour salary will have sealed their doom and ended their brilliant career with McDonalds or any of the burger operations.  Maybe via 7-11 or some grocery/department store.....some may still have a chance.  But the bulk of the burger-flippers in America are looking at the last ten years of their career right now.  We need to label them...."the robot generation".

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