Friday, 17 June 2016

Five Facebook Accounts?

One of the odd things that you find, if you dig through all the stuff spoken of this Muslim nutcase in Orlando who shot 49 that he had five Facebook accounts.

Omar Mateen....had five separate Facebook accounts.

It's something that you look at and you just start asking why.   It's like having five separate cellphones (I knew a guy who had three cellphones that he'd carry around with himself throughout the day).  Or it's like a guy who has five separate pistols which are at critical points of the house or car, and each being slightly different in size or character.

It's something that most people wouldn't do.  So you just look at this and ask why.

Maybe there was one for Omar the son....who only friended his parents and relatives.  Maybe there was one for Omar the husband.....who only friended his wife.  Maybe there was one for Omar the worker.....who only friended his co-workers.  Maybe there was one for Omar the guy who was having affairs on the side.  Maybe there was one for Omar the guy who hooked up with other gay guys.  The thing just don't know.

It's my own observation....that this guy was living a pretty complicated life.  I don't think he could really settle into one version or one Omar.....he was probably living out several different versions of himself, and none of them made sense to the other versions.

There's nothing much of a forgiveness angle to this episode.  You just look at Omar and shake your head....he just wasn't capable of handling things within his sphere of understanding.  I doubt if anyone can stand today and say they knew the real Omar.  There just wasn't such a thing as one single Omar.

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