Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Day I Left Timex

I have advanced to watch #12 in life, and changed one of my ten basic rules of life.

Around age nine, I got my first watch....a Timex from K-Mart as some birthday present.  It lasted around a year with the crystal broke in some farm-related incident.

By the end of high school, I had come to watch number three (it was also a Timex).  Watch number two also met an unfortunate end via a farm incident.

Watch number three actually lasted through to the end of 1981, when it just stopped ticking.

From 1981 to around 1990....I went through two watches....both Timex products....and I doubt if I ever paid more than $30 for each.

In 1990, I finally went to the Timex Ironman series (the same that Bill Clinton's daughter bought him for a Xmas gift).  The BX sold it to me for around $35.  Oddly, at least functionally.....this watch actually lasted for twenty-five years.  I didn't regularly wear it after 1998 but it was one of those watches that simply needed a new battery every three years and was absolutely dependable.  It's just that I got tired of the 'look', and dumped upon retirement from the Air Force.

By 2010, I had advanced to watch #10 (a Diesel)....the first time that I went outside of the Timex trend.  I actually paid almost $60 for the Diesel.  It lasted two years, and just quit working one day (unrelated to the battery).

I advanced to watch #11, a cheapo Timex from the BX, which ran for about $40.  This past month, I noticed that the two-year old watch no longer had an operating day-dial on it.  While it still keeps time and was 'almost' functional.....I decided to advance onto watch #12.

I came to this life go out and spend a fair amount of money ($200) and buy a real watch (a Seiko).  It's a violation of my cheap watch policy in life and I'll probably regret it. The thing is.....after many years of observation....Timex products have a life-span and a limited ability to handle day-to-day issues.  It's taken over four decades for me to realize that a better quality of watch might mean a longer lasting watch.

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