Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Fake Monk Story

In the midst of the news today, there is this one piece from New York City....on the notice now that fake monks exist and becoming a troublesome problem.

I sat and read over the whole thing.  This are Thai-looking guys....shaved bald....great English....who go out into the NY public and chat up that they want to build a new temple in Thailand....and need cash.

Then I noticed that the fake monk routine has been used a bit in San Francisco.  A trend across the nation?  Well.....it makes you wonder.

Usually, most folks are very accepting of some shaved-head guy in a monk's uniform with flip-flops on.  I haven't figured out why such an acceptance exists except it is worldwide (even here in Germany).  I've been waiting for shaved women to appear in the outfits, but that's yet to occur.

Why this general acceptance?  I think this goes back to the 1970s show.....Kung Fu.  People remember Keye Luke offering advice and wisdom to the young David Carridine.  The bad guys always seemed to get roughed up in the end and the monk guy was always the hero who walked off into the sunset.....week after week.

After 63 episodes....you were fairly orientated toward the friendly disposition of monks.

Are there monk cards or monk ID's so we can distinguish between real and fake monks?  No.  Sadly, they aren't unionized or such.

So among the 944 things that we tend to worry about or prioritize around.....fake monks probably moved onto the list now and as we are exiting some Wal-Mart one day....there will be some fake Monk named Dalton who wants us to donate $10 toward a fine new monk temple in Thailand.

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