Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Guerrilla Story

Not that it really matters, but over the had one dead guerrilla (from the episode at the zoo) and in Chicago....75 people shot....of which 7 are dead.

The item which got more attention....the dead guerrilla.

Yeah, there's something wrong with the news media and the public in America, but it's best not to waste a lot of pondering to determine the problem or the solution.

Oddly, we won't have anyone try to pass a law forbidding the shooting or use of weapons against guerrillas.  You'd think right away, that the gun control lobby would be all over this, but they simply passed.

How many guerrillas have been shot in America?  Unknown. one has ever created a database to collect such data.  It might be might be three-hundred.

Would I have fired on the guerrilla?  It would have taken fifteen seconds for me to analyze the situation and I might have thrown a bag of bananas over into the pit to see if he'd go for them instead of the kid.  But in the end....yeah....I would have shot the guerrilla without much hesitation.

The real issue?  You have to make a zoo more protective over it's stupid humans don't fall or jump into a pit with tigers or guerrillas.  That means less access.

Sadly, someone will eventually want to erect a ten-foot tall statue to the dead guerrilla.  A memorial in Chicago for the seven dead guys from the weekend?  That really says a lot.

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