Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Faustian Deal

I was reading a piece today in the NY Times.....which noted a "Faustian Deal".  I had to go back and read up on the phrase.

Faust is a character in literature to some degree....a German legend in another degree....who sells the public on the idea of him being a scholar or intellectual of some degree....always successful in what he or she does.

But the story doesn't end there.  This is an intellectual who is never happy.....never satisfied....never complete.....never fulfilled.....never at a final stage of success.

So Faust makes a deal with the his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.

The selling point of this story and constant reminder in real life is that a highly ambitious person who surrenders his or her moral integrity.....for power and perceived success.....may never reach the ultimate pay-back position, and forever be regretting how this deal all went down.

Different Germans have picked up Faust as a character or theme, and retold the story in dozens, if not hundreds of different ways.  The thing is.....once you cross some line into this remarkable deal where success ought to be just never seems to be deemed as a five-star success story.

This Faust point was told in the Times story of the impact of the Clinton attachment to the Obama Administration.  There weren't a lot of happy characters at the point where the DNC told the Obama team that they needed to keep Hillary Clinton as part of the new team in 2008.  The Obama team did everything possible to keep Sidney Blumenthal out as a part of the State Department.  The team failed.  Even now.....forced to be energetic and helpful for the Hillary campaign effort.....there is hostility over how the email server dragged them down into a deep mess.

As much as Hillary is concreted into the Faustian Deal herself and having no desire to disembark from the deal.....the Obama team is on its own Faustian Deal, with Hillary as the prize and their success or failure.....will depend on her.

All of this Faustian Deal business is mostly a false story told to the news media and public.....selling them on a theme that no matter how stupid you appear or behave's all good stuff and you can just overlook it.

Back a decade ago.....I think the Faustian Deal could be easily sold and the news media was capable of making the public believe it.  But there's a lot of things that have occurred, and lack of trust in the news media and politics.....are at a all-time low.  A sarcastic individual might easily sit there now and ask.....which closet of the White House will the new email server be kept, and will the KGB guys have the normal access to it?

If ever offered into a Faustian Deal?  My advice is to ask a few questions and then admit it's just not the kind of thing you want some part of.

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