Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Million Exiting the US?

Ever noticed since the 1990s....every time we have an election now.....there's countless numbers of folks who come up and say....if so-and-so wins, they will move to Canada?

I would take a guess that at least five thousand folks said this in 2000 when Bush was running against Gore.  How many moved after Bush won?  Probably less than three people.

The same threat was made in 2008, between McCain and Obama.  At least a thousand Republicans made the stupid threat that they'd leave the US if Obama won, and probably forty-thousand Democrats made it if McCain won.

Here in this election?  I'd take a guess that at least 300,000 Republicans have vowed to move to Canada if Hillary wins.....and at least two million Democrats have vowed to move to Canada if Trump wins.

The thing is's always Canada.  Ever noticed that?

No one ever says Honduras, Mexico, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany or Sweden.

If you brought this topic up with most Canadians.....I'd bet that most would ask why the hell do these Americans always whip up fake enthusiasm to move to Canada.....then never carry out the threat?  The simple reason.....I think if you dig into that the idiot American always thinks about winters in Canada, and comes back to reality that they can't handle that type of harsh winter situation.  So it's all a fake threat.

Personally, I'd like for these people....on both sides of make a simpler threat....that they would move to Idaho or Mississippi if so-and-so wins.

You'd think that some Fox show or CNN show would start up.....helping these people with the threats of moving to Canada get accustomed to Canadian ways or beer.  Maybe a show entitled "Cruising to Canada with Calvin" and just make sure you know what you threatening to do.

The other question I'd have.....are there more men to women who make this threat?  It's rare that I hear some women make the it a guy thing.....wanting to move to Canada and just looking for a stupid reason?

Maybe one of the networks will start up a fall comedy series.....some poor Democratic guy who made the threat, and Hillary he's moved his family to Canada and discovered most of his neighbors are right-wing conservative Canadians.

So, I'm sorry if I'm not taking these threats serious.  It's just that over the twenty years.....we should have lost two or three million Americans to Canada, and in real terms....there's probably not more than a hundred that moved....and their reason was mostly because of the lusty Canadian women, or desiring rustic living.....not to escape American politics.

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