Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fixing the Cop Problem

After looking over the Twin Cities shooting business, and the general attitude of minorities about cops today....I've come to this idea.

What the cops have done in the US over the past couple of decades is become a money-generator organization for communities and counties.  Whether they will admit this in public.....they give out tickets to reach a certain level, and that helps to keep the city or county revenue pot at the level that the mayor and city council enjoys.

So, let's fix this problem.

1.  Go to the various city council members and demand that you want a monthly tally listed on a city web page, which notes ticket number, status, fine, end-result (dismissed or fine), and the judge involved.  No names of the cop, but put his or her badge number by the ticket number.   Let the public know how much is being generated.

2.  All this fine money being generated.....go back to the city council and demand that they put this into a pot of money which is NOT spent until the last month of each city planning cycle.  Then the city must use a formula related to the overall population.  If you 60,000 residents in town, and 52,000 are over the age of eighteen....then the city can keep up to $250 per person and spend as they desire.

3.  The remaining money in the pot?  It has to be the guy who paid their fines.  If you had one idiot who paid $1,500 in five fines....fine.  If the return amount if 50-percent of the pot, then he'll get 50-percent of his money back.

4.  The use of cops as revenue generators would quickly dry up and be no reason to make this gimmick a lasting operation.

5.  Those city council guys who refuse to pass this change?  Dump them. ID them in public and put new people up to replace them.

6.  Take the cops out of this stupid revenue game and lessen the whole need for tickets.

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