Saturday, 9 July 2016

Land of the Midnight Sun

When someone says 'Land of the Midnight Sun'.....this photo is the best example possible.

This was a few minutes before midnight in Reykjavik.

In mid-July, there is no real darkness.  The sun will set but there's enough light left that you can see just about everything.  The sun will officially rise around 3:30AM but there's already light existing.

A bothersome thing?  After a week, I have to admit that I wasn't getting used to this and the 24 hours a day of light bothered me.

In December, the opposite problem, with the sun rising around 11AM and setting by 3PM.

It kinda got brought up on Muslims having a big problem in this area of the world.  In the four-week Ramadan period.....from sun-up to can't drink liquids or eat.  This means almost 20 hours of no liquids in the summer time.....for four weeks.

It is one of those odd things that you come to experience and realize how screwed up things can get with much daylight.

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