Sunday, 17 July 2016

Republican Convention Prediction

The Republican Convention starts tomorrow in Cleveland and runs through Thursday afternoon.  My predictions for this?

1.  Cops are overwhelmed with riot potential.  At least 300 people arrested on Monday.

2.  Emergency meetings will be held by the city council, mayor and cops by Monday evening, with the anticipation of more riots by Tuesday afternoon.

3.  At least fifty convention members gone by Tuesday at lunch because of threats and hostile actions.

4.  News commentators using one-third of their coverage on the protest movement.  Shockingly enough, they are surprised when viewers turn off their coverage and go to Fox News for the convention.

5.  The RNC will meet by Wednesday morning and discuss alternate plans to rush up things and get everyone out by Wednesday night.

In the end, a bunch of folks....even some Democrats....will suggest that all this protest business really isn't accomplishing anything except galvanizing the general public to vote in a certain way (for Trump).  The term "thug" will start to be used when talking about the protest movement.....something that doesn't help them.

My suggestion in the future?  Pick either Vegas or Phoenix in mid-July, and let the protest thugs try to handle 115-degree heat.

UPDATE: 20 July, man, am I shocked.  Almost nothing of great significance has occurred at the convention in terms of a threat to keeping it open and active.  It's like someone whispered in their ear to cut it out.

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