Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Bulb

 I stayed at a fancy upscale hotel on the south coast of Iceland this past week.  To be honest, I actually forced myself to pay roughly $350 for one single night in this place.  For a guy from's a tough decision to make.

There were a bunch of fine things about this hotel, and it was right next to a glacier.....which probably helped to inflate the pricing of the room.  But it's the ceiling light that consumed my time in the room.

It's one big custom blown-glass bulb....probably twice the size of a basketball.  It has to weigh at least 20 pounds.

So I laid there in the bed.....looking up at the globe and kept looking at what was basically holding the globe thin electrical cable.  That was it.

On the safety to ten.....this was a marginal two at best.

The place just opened in June and this was a fancy upscale place.  Maybe the globe light does make sense.  But you can just sit there and envision some night coming up in a year or two.....where this thin electrical cable will break and dump the bulb down onto you as you are sleep.  If it's thick'll probably hurt you pretty good.  If it's thin'll break and cut you up.

Cost?  Oh, I'm guessing this was a 400-dollar light fixture, that some interior decorator felt would add to the room.

This was one of twenty-odd features of the hotel that just made me question the value of the rates.

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