Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Cop Shooting Observation

If you stand back and look over the Dallas cop shooting (five dead cops) and the whole come to this observation.

In the late 1960s....there were X-number of cops and law enforcement in towns, counties, state apparatuses, and the federal government.  Today?  There are double, and in some organizations....triple or more.....cops that have been added to the system.  The question is.....are you safer now, or from the late 1960s?

Go look at your local small town cop force that had two guys on the payroll in 1969.  Today?  It's probably seven guys.  What do the seven guys mostly do?  Hand out speeding tickets, and traffic violation tickets.  They are a money-maker for the small towns, infuriating the general public (mostly the low-wage earner), and a sad comical force.

As we added more and more cops to the system.....we didn't really ask questions.  Joe would show up and just say he was the cousin of Marvin.....who was already a sheriff's real experience.

Some guys showed up with MP experience from the Army.  Some guys had five or six classes from some community college.  Some guys had an academy deal with some state organization.  Overall, we did a lousy job hiring people and in some cases....hired thugs instead of law enforcement.

Add in the aggressive drug and thug crime issues on top of the cop issue.  If we drug-tested everyone arrested in a normal year.....I suspect well over fifty percent have some significant drug in their system.  They aren't clean.

Then you come to the various mass movements started in the past six to eight years.....all using some dead 'hero' to get public appeal.  The news media is stupid enough not to ask questions anymore.....they just publish the banners and pump the message out to the public.

Social media?  Also part of the mass messaging system to the public.

Here's the general part to affect each of you.  If you live in a small town.....some nutcase meth-head will look at the shooting business.....get some stupid a round or two at the local cop, and suddenly, you have everyone in the town carrying a gun.....24 x 7.  Cops will react more often with a gun, and the public will do the same.

Bunch of shooting....scores of dead people.....and for what?

There is no fix for this.....other than accepting it as the norm for the next couple of years, and forcing a bunch of folks into the legal system for stupid stuff.

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