Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Hillary Observation

After watching for six months this whole FBI dance of sorts over can generally come to five observations.

1.  Up until the late 1990s.....if you were reviewing classified was printed out at some communications center and put into a book, which you read.  If you wanted to chat about went to a STU (a special phone which was marginally effective in talking and hearing).  In the late 1990s....things changed.  Networks came up, and individual accounts.  So everyone was forced to become technology gifted.  In today's world, you would have a personal email account (like Yahoo), a gov't unclassified account (functioning slightly different than Yahoo), a Secret account (very much different from Yahoo and the unclassified account), and a Top Secret account (extremely different).

To operate all four? You need to use them daily and be fairly gifted.

I get the impression that the people in the background of Hillary Clinton.....realized that she isn't that gifted with hardware or different email gimmicks.  So blending all of this into one single a Yahoo account.....made perfect sense (sadly).

2.  No one lost their security clearance or got fired over this whole thing.  It's amazing to see this part of the episode.

3.  The FBI used up around $4.5 million dollars worth of time on this so far.....with zero results.  It kinda says a lot about prioritizing efforts and the value of an investigation.

4.  Multi-task capable?  After looking at the various routines, you tend to see a White House that really didn't use Secretary of State Clinton, and she was just around to make speeches and travel across the globe.  The emails and lack of authority.....all demonstrate this.

5.  The odds of her repeating the same procedure and email game?'s hard to say.  If you were really that stupid,'d go right back and do it the same way again.  Maybe she learned something from this.  Well.....maybe.

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