Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Patience Game

In my whole life....I've been pulled over by the cops a total of three times.  In all three, no tickets were issued.  I should was on an Air Force installation and I noted to the airman that I had obeyed the traffic regulation and he was incorrect on what had transpired.....which he stood there a minute looking at the signs and agreed with me.

So I pull up this Twin Cities shooting story from last week.

It is bothersome.  This guy....Philando Castile....had been pulled over 52 times over the past decade (he was 33 years old when he was shot by the cops in another stop).

According to the various news folks out there.....from these 52 occasions....they were all for minor things like speeding, muffler noise, lights out, etc.  In terms of fines?  Well, that's a curious thing.....the city, county and state....over this decade of observing Castile.....made $6.5 thousand off the guy.  You can figure that they were making $500 a a guy who was minimum wage.

Bad driving habits?  Bad luck?  Aggressive local cops helping the bank account of the county or urban area?  No one can say.

I have one distinctive driving habit that I've had since the mid-1980s......I drive mostly from sun-up to sun-down.  Probably less than five-percent of all my driving has been in the evening hours.  No one notes the hours that Castile's 52 stops occurred.  My bet would be that most are after sun-down.

The thing is.....after a while.....a guy who has paid out $6,500 in fines, gets aggravated.  Its not an awful lot but since you are only making minimum get less and less agreeable with the cops.  You argue with bicker over the reach a level where you just aren't friendly anymore with the cops.

Castile even went into court on numerous occasions and argued his position.....getting half of the tickets dismissed.  Course, that meant two or three hours away from work and just more frustration on top of what existed already.

Maybe the cops were always doing their duty and never handed out a single bad ticket.  But the odds of a decade of driving and 52 occurrences happening where the cops confront you?

What if you traveled by air a good bit, and over a ended up with some dimwit TSA guy who forced you to do a more intensive check-out.....say 52 times.  Would you be fairly agreeable with the friendly TSA folks as you enter an airport?

What if you often had to do business at the local bank, and over a decade....had 52 occasions occur where they screwed up some business transaction of yours.  Would you be fairly agreeable with the bank tellers as you perform your business with them?

I'm only taking a guess here, but across the nation of 300 million residents.....there's probably one million Philando Castiles existing....who've paid out $500 a year for a decade to cops handing out tickets.  While the money-generation side of urban society appears to be concreted into just makes one wonder where exactly things will go with society and if they are willing to permanently accept $500 a year as part of their tax contribution to the local political game.

If you ask me.....patience is not unlimited.

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