Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Trump/Pence Ticket

Election campaigns over the past hundred years in the US.....have delivered all kinds of odd pairings.  Most Presidential candidates would end up picking some key state's 'favorite' son, who was not really known in any of the other states, and the guy's two functions during the campaign was to hype up votes in his own state, and not do anything stupid.

Few remember these party tickets, or the upside/downside of picks for VP.

In terms of Trump and Pence?  I would make these four observations.

1.  Pence is a fairly competent guy, who can stand on his own in a debate.  He's not going to be some lightweight Dan Quayle-type character.  Befuddled journalists attempting to take him down in the debate with 200-word questions....will find that he's capable of throwing it back in their face.

2.  Pence probably will deliver Indiana to Trump via the Electoral College.  It's not a big deal but if things were kinda close, it might matter.

3.  My humble guess is that Trump mega-vetted Pence.  As much as some journalists will try to find tons of stuff to dump on'll be things like he let his grass overgrow in the backyard, speeding tickets from the 1980s, and he likes watching ALF reruns when chilling out.

4.  For experience, you have a business executive and a governor.  In some ways, that's a positive.  It's not like digging up two senators for President and VP.

Next week, in Philly....the Democratic Convention will start up.  No one says that Hillary will announce her VP choice by this weekend.  Obviously, she ought to be down to the final three people by this point.

Another governor VP pick?  Unknown.

What has shocked me is the limited amount of trouble for the cops in Cleveland.  Will that play out as well in Philly?  Unknown.

On the positive about ten days....for those of you who really are fed up with politics constantly on TV for the past might get a couple of weeks of marginal politics, before the campaigns really start to take off in late August.

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