Sunday, 10 July 2016

These Three Things

What do the Timothy J. Russert Highway, Major George Quamo Post Office Building in New York, and Kate Mullany Historic Site Act....all have in common?

Well....these are the only three pieces of legislation that Hillary Clinton drafted and sponsored.....over eight years....and got passed into law.

A highway name, a post office name, and a historical site designation for some Irish union gal from the 1800s?  That's it?  Yeah.

There are various positions that she hook onto sponsorship of other drafted bills.....from various senators.  But these three are the only ones that she wrote, drafted, and got passed.

There are various ways to look at this and be amused or happy.  For demonstrates that she's not really going to do much or change much.....except to name roads or buildings.  That's a positive for a anti-big government guy.

Course, you could ask.....doesn't it show that she is lazy or doing mostly nothing?  Well....yeah, but what exactly do you want a senator to do?

So if you ever get into a discussion with some right-wing guy and he asks what the heck she did for eight'll be easy for you to remember the three accomplishments.

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