Saturday, 9 July 2016

What to Sip in Iceland

The one thing you notice in Iceland is that every time you go to lunch or dinner....these kind  restaurant folks come out with this great bottle of Icelandic glacier water....straight from their water facet.

It normally comes in a bottle as shown in the picture, and is awful chilled.

I have to is one of the finer waters that I've ever tasted in my life and a guy could become awful attached to the taste.

Course, if you look to the right of the a glass of some awful fine Tuborg Classic beer.  A guy could become attached to it's taste as well, and I suspect they use glacier water to make it. It's in the 4.6 range for the alcohol rate.

The water is free, but the Tuborg runs around four bucks at a restaurant (it's not that cheap).

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