Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Candidate: Evan McMullin

I noticed yesterday that there is another conservative runner in the Presidential election:  Evan McMullin.

His resume:

After graduating from BYU, he did a tour of missionary work (most all fulfill this requirement) in Brazil.  His first real job?  A refugee resettlement officer for the UN, in Jordan.  His second job?  Ten years with the CIA....which he doesn't get chatty about, but says he was doing anti-terrorism work.  Then oddly enough, he goes to work at Goldman Sachs investment banking. There's not much of an explanation how you flip from CIA-warrior to investment-gambler, but he evidently stayed there two years.  Then he went to the House Republicans as some kind of adviser, which leads one to ask if this was some favor for Goldman Sachs or just a insider lobbyist.

All total?  Six lines of a resume.  Never elected to any public office, and the MSNBC folks getting all misty-eyed over his announcement....giving finally some alternate choice to the Republicans who aren't hyped on Trump.

What happens?

This is almost mid-August and the odds of getting on all fifty state ballots are ZERO.  At best, I figure he might be able to work his way through and get on twelve states.....if he has a ton of cash....maybe twenty-five states.

My best guess projection?  Across the US....he might get near 100,000 votes.  Even in his home state of Utah.....if he gets more than 4,000 votes....it'll surprise me.

A six-line resume guy running for the Presidency?  Well....it's pretty much a repeat of George Bush, Barrack Obama, and even Hillary Clinton.  But, that's how politics in America has drifted off into some fake reality.

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