Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Colin Kaepernick

I've sat and watched for the past day or two.....this NFL episode breweing with the San Fran quaterback who won't stand for the national anthem.....mostly because it's going against black folks.

Some folks want to bring up that we are talking about a two-star marginally capable quarterback....Colin Kaepernick.  I would say that for the price involved.....his yearly pay scale as the back-up quarterback....he's worth the money but not the hassle.

His argument?  Things that represent America.....are negative.  It's slanted against minorities.  So, his stand....to represent his argument is to avoid standing for the anthem.

For a coach....it's a pretty dismal thing to have players on some social agenda.  Imagine if you had forty players on the team, and each one had a separate agenda and you continually found yourself trying to explain why this guy advocates this or slams that.

In this case....if I were the coach and the player was hyped up to sit during the national anthem.....I'd do the simplest thing possible....remove all seating from the sidelines....for the entire game.  Make every player stand.  If players aren't happy about it.....trade or release them.  If I were the opposing teams?  Every time that Kaepernick came on the field.....I'd play the national anthem.

By the end of this season.....I think Kaepernick will have moved on and found that no team in the NFL wants some social agenda player like himself on their team.  He's one of those guys that might want to review other career options.  

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