Friday, 12 August 2016

Ten Million Jobs?

I sat and watched about five minutes of the Hillary speech on the ten-million new jobs that she would create, and then went back to commentary from four different sources on the event....with talking really hyped up and positive of the new job creation, and one source being fairly critical.

To make this work, and create ten million jobs out of thin would need a shovel-ready plan.  Oh yeah....remember how shovel-ready plans go?

What jobs is she talking about?  Bridges, roads, schools, etc.  If you dig into this whole'd have to funnel literally hundreds of billions across the US....of which at least half would be for the materials, and general construction costs....then 2,000 jobs here in this community for road work, and 300 jobs in this community for bridge work, and 19,000 jobs in Iowa for this road project.

Trained people ready to go?  You'd be lucky if maybe 500,000 of the ten million had a background and training to work on bridges and roads.

The odds of illegals coming into the US and getting the jobs?  Well.....she didn't mention that part but you'd have to assume that at least a million illegals would fit into this.

Where would the hundreds of billions come from?  Unless you fixed the corporate problem of holding cash overseas because of US tax laws working against them.....there's no way to fix this unless you tax the heck out of someone.  So you wonder.....who is going to get taxed to hell and back?  Corporate organizations or the public?

How do you pass something like this.....with a Republican Senate and Republican House in control?  She doesn't talk about that.....but you have to assume that there will still be some control stopping her project.

Will the jobs be split fairly among states?  You would figure some ratio deal and the state of Alabama ending up with 300,000 jobs.  But then, would all 300,000 jobs be fairly split across Alabama, or would this go to Birmingham and Mobile mostly?  Would half of the newly hired guys just stand around and be flag-holders for some fake road construction company?  Would we be paving roads just for the sake of paving them?

I'd really like to believe that the government could create jobs out of thin air.  But I seem to have lost my trust that the government knows how to create such jobs.  Normally, they just know how to create park ranger jobs, and US Marine jobs.

But it all sounds just invent ten million new jobs and get these poor slobs who are sitting at home and watching afternoon TV out into the real world and sweat a bit.  You just have to wonder....if it was such a great idea, why didn't Obama do it?

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