Monday, 1 August 2016

The Debate Argument

So, we have sparks upon the presidential debates now.....with deep discussion and criticism by the NFL and Trump.....over the debates being scheduled on game nights.

I's a lousy topic but it's apparently gotten stirred up.

So the fact, there is an independent commission which handles the planning for the debates.  They have the first two debate scheduled for 26 Sep (Falcons versus Saints on a Monday night game) and 9 Oct (Giants versus Packers on a Sunday night game).

The third debate is scheduled for 19 October and the VP debates up for the 4th of Oct (a Tuesday night).

Me personally?  Let's be honest, unless you live in Atlanta or New Orleans on that 26th Sep date.....that's about the only folks who will be dedicated to watching the game instead of the debate.  Nationally, the Giants and Packers game might be interesting to watch.

But let's look at the other options.  Probably five-percent of the public will watch this via YouTube later (like me).

At least twenty-percent of the public doesn't care and won't watch a single minute of any of this debate business.

My brother would likely say it interferes with cattle business, deworming the dog, lawn mowing or four-hundred other priorities off the farm itself.  He'd rather they do this at 6AM, but that just ain't going to happen.

Might the NFL dedicated folks miss the debates entirely?  Well....yeah.  That might occur.

Course, it really doesn't matter because there's always something going on.....NCAA wrestling, bass tournament news, pumpkin competitions, the neighbor's house on fire, or some neighbor mowing her grass in a bikini.  So, I don't think it really matters.

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