Saturday, 13 August 2016

The "Einstein" Republicans

This week, it came up that this effort discussed and talked about in Republicans have a state-mandated citizenship test for voters to pass if they wanted to have permission to vote.....fell apart.  Mostly because in the test phase of the test....Republicans representatives of the state.....failed the test miserably (17 of 98 folks failed the multiple-choice test).

There probably wasn't a lot of enthusiasm politically to make this a reality.

The plain truth is that most folks barely learned much in high school civics.....perhaps enough to fill up a dozen 3x5 cards by age 30.  If they went onto college....maybe they could forty such 3x5 cards but it really doesn't increase the comfort level of having a vote and casting it in a thoughtful fashion.

Typically, with a multiple-choice test.....if you wanted to really help the people taking it.....there will be two obvious answers which are ID'ed real quick as fake or false.  So from that point on, it's a fifty-fifty shot if you got the answer right.

But here's the thing that you ought to ponder about.  You get these idiot Republicans who come up and want to chase people around on the Constitution, American history, and patriotic facts.  About half the time, you come to realize that the idiot memorized about half of what he's talking about and then he hits some brick wall.....with zero knowledge.  He wanted to impress you and get you all misty-eyed over America, but after the brick-wall just sit there wondering what that bogus act was all about.

So, if you live in Texas.....don't worry.....there's no multiple-choice test coming up for you to get the right to vote.  You can still vote for the idiot Republicans.....or the idiot Democrats....without any real conviction or thrills.

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