Thursday, 25 August 2016

"Throwback" 2016

Back around 2010, I had this chance to try "Throwback" Mountain Dew.  It was the original recipe....made with real sugar.  For those who don't remember the original some point in the very late 1970s to early 80s....sugar became fairly our drink folks decided to flip over to high fructose corn syrup, which was cheaper.  It was almost as good as the original drink (at least in my humble opinion).

I sat there on a Sunday afternoon and sipped the "Throwback" Mountain Dew in a large glass with crushed ice.  It was refreshing, and stimulating.  It was the way that Mountain Dew ought to taste.

This week, I came to this odd feeling with the 2016 Presidential election.....that Donald Trump is the "Throwback" candidate from the 1960s and 1970s.

To be honest, if you look at the whole had fifteen-odd characters who were modern-day Republicans and in some weird fashion....a majority of voters deemed them to be "fake" in conservative way.  Trump?  He was talking like some 1960s Republican (even before Reagan).

We've concluded the primary business and the convention, and what you see on a daily basis is a "Throwback" guy talking in some fashion that reminds people (at least those over the age of fifty) of some period of time when you didn't have all this fakeness in politics.  Oh I admit....Trump might be fake in the end.....but the whole system has gotten so screwed up.....that most everything is fake now.
CNN? Fake.  Washington Post?  Fake.  New York Times?  Fake.  Fox News?  Fake.

Things are so fake now, that we watch the Kardashians do fake stuff on TV and consider it to be authentic entertainment.  We watch the History Channel with fake Amish Mafia Show give us a couple of guys in beards who seem to be acting like Amish guys and we believe it.

Is this what the whole campaign year is about?  Simply "Throwback"?  Maybe.  But considering all the's probably something we can accept for a couple of years.

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