Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Zakaria and his Bu****it Game

I sat and watched the minute-long clip of CNN's Fareed Zakaria who dubbed Donald Trump a "Bu****it Artist".   It was entertaining to some degree, but it also demonstrated Zakaria himself.....a professional Bu****it Artist.

Over the past couple of years, I've probably watched an hour a year of Zakaria's gimmick international affairs show on CNN.  He'll occasionally have a decent guest on and get to some serious moment of conversation worth reviewing.

What Zakaria sells....is intellectual wit, with a marginal amount of charm.  He'll slant most stories to fit his context or favored outcome.  He does it in a way.....that you can tell that the story is weak, his references are limited, and that he's avoided any real homework on the topic being discussed.  On the bu****it scale, I'd rate his material from one to ten.....at around a five.  Some journalists are better bu****it talkers and some are lousy bu****it talkers.  For the CNN staff.....he's average at best.

CNN keeps him around because he's their international correspondent, and hyped-up intellectuals from Norway, North Korea, Germany and Siberia like his style.  They think he's awful clever and brilliant.

The remarkable thing is that twenty years ago....Zakaria's label on Trump would have stuck.  Today?  There are too many people who've asked questions....gotten smart.....and labeled the news media as a collection of bu****it enthusiasts.  Clever but fake.....would be a good term to use.  They've lost an enormous amount of respect by the general public.  This is respect that they won't be getting back anytime soon.

As for the way that Trump handles this?  He says he won't allow any interviews by CNN until they clean things up.  Somewhere in the background, you would think that a couple of the executives would like to put Zakaria on some month-long suspension for the use of 'bu****it' and the political nature that Zakaria has allowed himself to sink into.  But this put CNN into a delicate spot....if they don't appear neutral on this campaign issue....then they will appear to be pro-Hillary, and lost viewers at a rate which is unacceptable.  Less viewers.....less profit.  In my mind, they have to do something quick to fix the issue.

It's an unusual election....with all kinds of characters in the landscape.  So settle back and enjoy the entertainment.

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