Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The "Not Paying Taxes" Comment

At some point in the Clinton-Trump debate.....Hillary noted that Trump hadn't had to pay any taxes.  Trump responded....mostly grinning....that she's absolutely right, and that shows how he is smart about finances.

Here's the thing.....there are well over 80,000 pages of tax code existing today.  All of this....was written not by IRS people....but mostly by Congressmen and Senators.  You can go and ask a dozen of them about such-and-such code that they wrote into law back in the mid-1990s, and they have no idea what they wrote or how they really ended up.  That's the sad thing about taxation in America today.

I worked with an individual who owned horse property up in Montana back in the 1990s. For roughly six years....she owned the property and improved it (a $10,000 barn was erected on the property during this period).  As she got ready to sell it....she was shocked that property prices had gone up and there was a fair amount of profit now tied to the sale (in the $90,000 range over what she'd paid).  Naturally, she did the simple math and figured that it was going figure up to around $10,000 to $15,000 extra on taxes, on top of her military pay.  Well, the local Montana accountant did the numbers and the profit from the sale did not exist.

She was puzzled and went to the guy to ask how this was possible.  Some Senator had written a code that affected all horse ranches sold during this time period and basically made anything in Montana....almost tax-free on profits from a horse-ranch sale.  According to him...similar rules were in place for shrimp fishermen from Louisiana....or crab fishermen from the Massachusetts region.

Trump is simply taking advantage of the rules written down.  He pays an accountant to be smart and find each of these deductions.  There are hundreds of thousands of deductions sitting there.....which most people are simply not aware of.

Should we be angry?  Only at the Senators and Congressmen for creating this massive code which doesn't make any sense.  Ask Hillary how she'd want to fix it, and she will respond that she'd write more tax code to tax these people in some special way, and you respond.....well, what if a Senator comes up three weeks later and writes six different tax credits to ease the guy's pain and reshuffle the taxes back into the zero category?  She would just grin and say that's the whole game.

There is something broke here, but the idea that you could go and force everyone to pay one simple 7-percent flat-tax, period.....doesn't seem to be of interest to anyone.

So, settle back and just accept the fact.....the system is broke. Maybe some crazy nutcase like Trump might be willing to do something that Hillary isn't willing to do.....reset the whole tax code to one simple page, and flat-tax companies and individuals to one some method.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Fact About Fact-Checking

Everyone seems hyped up this morning....over the evening debate between Clinton and Trump.  The key term used....fact-checking.  Lester Holt went and did some fact-checking to settle some issues....mostly (almost all) hitting on Trump.  So, here's the reality of fact-checking.

Over the past year....maybe for the entire past twenty to thirty years....Americans have been fact-checking.  Shocked?

Americans fact-checked the Republican Party,, the Democratic Party, CNN, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, Fox News, NewsWeak, and a hundred different foundations, lobbyists, or pretender news organizations.

If you started back thirty years ago, and wrote down the stewed words, fake reports, bogus news, and slanted facts put'd probably encompass a 6,000-page book.

We've fact-checked ministers, congressmen, judges, Hollywood actors, scientists, Saudis-terrorists, bimbos, trailer-trash lawyers, intellectuals, Presidents, and radio-talk show dimwits.

To be blunt.....we've wasted an awful lot of time on fact-checking people and would have been better off maintaining our lawn, painting the garage, playing softball, bowling, or cleaning out our septic tank.

The news folks?  They seem to be hyped up and think they've cornered the market in fact-checking.  Well.....they've come too late.  They've had years to fact-check and learn the trade.  They seem at best to have marginally drifted over into fact-checking and pretend they know something about it.  The truth is....they are leagues behind the general public.

Maybe for a week or two.....people will still talk over fact-checking and how the news media is pumped up.  At some point, reality will settle into position and people will begin to go back and ask questions.  These questions....over facts....will be admired by the news media, and then left there on the table.  Best not to be discussed.  That's the fact about fact-checking.

The China Story

A science story caught my eye yesterday.

China has decided to put money and effort into alien contact projects.  There are thousands of ways that they could go and spend government funding but they decided that they'd get into the alien-contact business.

Most people would say that it's a fairly good way of wasting money.  But if you sit and ponder about might come to a difference conclusion.

One day.....some alien race is finally going to announce itself, and they will come to land on Earth.  Where they land and who they associate with.....makes a big difference.

Generally, if you watch all these alien movies.....the aliens always seem to land in America.  There's no real explanation for this except that aliens seem to like Americans more than anyone else.

I suspect the Chinese watched enough of this and said.....why not China?

What happens as the alien ship starts to land and it's in the middle of China?  They are the 'insider' to any future relationship with the aliens.  Naturally, this would upset the Americans greatly.

Will this create a competition situation between China and the US on alien contact?  I'm guessing that some anger and hostility will emerge from the US being unfair that China is spending a lot of money while the US spends less.

The amusing thing is that both could make all this effort, and in the end....the aliens decide to land in Iceland because of the scenic territory and great tasting beer.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Global Right to Immigrate?

It's hard to say which idiot came up with the phrase or idea.  Over the weekend, Hillary put out some comment to the effect that people....globally....had some right to immigrate.  I sat and pondered over this a while today, and have come to five observations.

1.  If "Joe" spoke French and had some welding occupation (certificate included), and wanted to apply for French entry....and France had unemployment for welders at less than 5-percent, than I'd say fine....let Joe go and do this the right way and apply for France.

If Joe speaks no French, and has spent 12 years selling apples on the street....well....then applying for entry into France makes little sense and maybe he ought to stay where he is unless he wants to live in some French ghetto and whining about French culture constantly.

2.  If you go and look at most immigrants.....they want to go to countries on the A-list (US, Germany, Canada, England, France, etc).  Almost no one wants to go to countries on the B-list (Portugal, Mexico, Iceland, Honduras, Turkey, etc).

Before you get all pumped up about this global right to might want to throw some rule into the mix that maybe you'd have to accept living in Manitoba, Canada or Scotland.

3.  There are a lot of idiot who do no research.  So one day, they end up in Iceland and discover that in January, there's only 3 hours of sunlight, and in July....the sun really never sets.  They also discover that everything cost a lot in Iceland, and that Icelandic women are fairly tough women.

Over and over, I see countless examples where some idiot was all hyped up to immigrate somewhere and woke up 100 days later to say that this was a terrible mistake.  Course, maybe with Hillary's suggestion.....globally....everyone has the right to be an idiot as well.  Well.....maybe.

4.  At some point of introduction.....someone ought to explain the migrant or immigrant....that since he's 30-odd years old....even if he were to work for the next 35 years....he won't make more than X-amount on pension or social security.....which won't be enough to survive.  Those missing years....coming out of such-and-such country....basically screw him over big-time.

5.  Here's the odd factor which no one talks about.  Just about every single migrant or immigrant that you end up accepting....has some priority in moving to a highly urbanized area.  They seem to generally think (doesn't matter if we are talking Canada, Germany or UK), that the urban areas are the only places where they can identify with or find work.  So, there's this vast need for housing (cheap housing) in urbanized areas, but to be one is building structures to meet this kind of need.

Where did Hillary get this 'right to immigrate' idea?  It might be interesting to ask see if it's just something that a Clinton Foundation player paid into the pot to get her to say that.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The "Macbeth" Riot

As things quiet down in Charlotte, North Carolina.....there is this odd comment about the cops, arrests made during the riot period, and the "players".  So, it's just laid out there.....70-percent of those arrested had out-of-state ID's on them.

It does lead people to ask questions.  Are there just not enough angry locals to conduct riots?  Are these specially-trained rioters who get bused to riots?  Since these are bussed-in rioters.....for several days....are they being put up at local hotels?  Are they getting per-Diem or food money for each day ($30 to $40)?  Is this a profession or money-paid occupation?

Naturally, there are no investigative journalists on this. That's probably one of the big shockers.  No one seems to care about out-of-state rioters.

How do you advertise for professional rioters?  Is there a Craigslist ad for this?  Is there a HR guy who asks six questions and signs you up?  Is there a bonus for a successful four-day riot situation?  Do you have to get arrested to collect on part of the bonus?  Do you have to have a picture ID to be a professional rioter?  Do professional rioters get paid in cash and avoid taxation?  If you were hired to riot in North Carolina.....shouldn't you be paying NC state taxes on your "income"?

If I were a state politician from NC.....I'd probably look at this and devise a simple law that says.....if you are arrested in the act of violence (rioting would be included) and your only ID is a non-NC ID.....then you need to pay a fee of some type (maybe $300) for special handling.  If you have no ID, then NC should hold you until you or your family can show what state you live in, and then assess a $300 fee if you come from another state.

What all of this says?  Locals didn't really care or make that big of a deal over what triggered to riot to occur.  That should worry some people.  In essence, it was a theater-production riot, and it should trigger people into sitting down and pondering who would sponsor something like this and why.  When we as a society reach a point where you can plan out and sponsor a "Macbeth" style theater production riot......then we are fairly screwed up as a society.

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Monday Night Debate

For Hillary?  She has to show up with maximum energy, no health issues, no coughing, brilliantly devised answers and not do any bug-eye situations.

For Trump?  He just needs to show up.

It's that kind of debate.

There's virtually zero chance that Hillary can out-debate Trump.  In fact, Trump's biggest issue is some moderator who asks a trick-question with forty different ways of interpreting the question.

For the moderators?  They have to seem like they are neutral while helping Hillary as much as possible and asking 3rd-grade level questions.  On the idea of taking on Trump?  If the public thinks for one moment that the moderator is the the debator of Trump, this debate is finished and Trump can just grin as he slaps the moderator left and right.

A cough or two from Hillary?  Trump can come and say something that would immediately halt the debate and settle the health question once and for all.

A bug-eye moment?  Don't even bring it up.

And here's the really sad thing for Hillary.....she has to show up to two additional debates, and repeate a perfect health and stately mind situation.  Any stumbles at any of these, and she can carve off hope of winning.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Five HIllary Screw-Ups

More or less.....I think the election is over now and it's just a trot by Trump to the finish the race.  What happened to Hillary?  Some things occurred this year and some have been going on for a decade or two.

1. This episode at the 9-11 Memorial will end up being one of the bigger stumbling points of her career.  It's a seizure.....pure and simple.  She can bluff her way around but no one really believes it.

2.  Taking the Secretary of State job.  It may have given her some prestige but if you ask what she actually did....resume-wise....for four's mostly nothing.

3.  The Clinton Foundation may have been a brilliant idea a decade ago, but over the past twelve you add up how she used it as Secretary of looks like a mafia unit.

4.  For eight lousy years, there were tons of big things that she could have done as Senator.  But she's basically got three or four lines of material that makes her look Presidential.....the rest?  Just filler and worthless.

5.  One gets this impression that there is just pure dislike between Hillary and the President.  They do these stupid one on one complimentary moments for the networks but it just look awful fake.

Maybe if she'd done better in Iowa in 2008, and hired smarter folks.....she would have won against Obama, and it would have been a cake-walk for her against McCain.  Obviously, she just didn't take Iowa serious or try to set herself as a better candidate.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Art Story

Back around 1790....this German intellectual....Immanual Kant...came up with this observation, which was published in a journal at the time.....that if you said something was art, then it was art.  Even if it was crappy and questionable in long as you said it was art, it was art.

This week, some scientists released a study where they looked at the mental side of people and how they might be told something and thus believe it.  It kinda proves what Kant said 200 years ago.

I would argue that it generally works with politics and advertising.....just as much as art.  If you want to believe in something....whether it be Hillary or Trump, then you will believe and trust in that individual.

The same would be true with particular cars, where you believe that Ford is actually better than Chrysler.  Or you might be willing to believe charcoal grills are better than gas-grills.

Maybe it's a fault of the human mind or just the way we are set up to think.  It doesn't matter.  But now that you know this fact....does it make you question your favorability function in life?  Just because you favor vanilla ice cream over chocolate.....should you automatically go for the chocolate?  Maybe.  Or maybe you should root this weekend for Auburn instead of University of Alabama?  Well....maybe.

Course, there are those among us who simply look at some art and say it's 'crap', and automatically go off in a totally different direction.

Sadly, there is no test for this characteristic in life.  There ought to be, but we seem to have not put a priority on finding these sort of people.

So when your neighbor calls you over and shows you a $5,000 painting they bought in Atlanta of two naked ladies on a barn roof, and gets all chatty about their new "art", and you look at it and have the humble opinion that it "ain't art"......well, you might want to keep this humble opinion to yourself. Let's be honest, there's a need for some less-than-talented folks in life who can't make a paint naked ladies on barns, and this fake art business is the best they can do.  Naturally, I won't go and advise anyone to start up some nude ladies on barns art.

We are what we the end.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Les Deplorables?

In 1862, Victor Hugo finally finished up a book that he'd written.....combining history and fiction....into some epic story of France.  The novel?  Les Miserables.

What can be said was that it was a story about the poor, the victims, the miserable public, and the landscape of France between the 1800s to the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris.  Law and order had failed France.  Leadership had failed France.  Civilization had failed France.  In the midst of this story, an ex-prisoner....Jean Valjean...has a chance to redeem himself.  Huge uses Valjean to show that life can return to order.

Over the years.....Les Miserables has been told in different ways, and even been made into an opera.

This week, after Hillary comment about the "deplorables" voting by Trump....some creative picked up the whole thing and set deplorables against the backdrop of Les Miserables.

Yesterday in Miami, Les Deplorables appeared for the crowd and got them all peppy.

What's going on?

France in this thirty-year period was miserable.  The public became increasingly negative about what they saw or felt.  It didn't matter what was all came to be a fraud or lie.

You see the same behavior and attitude out of most Americans.  They are tired of politics.  They are tired of the opera-like behavior out of the news networks.  They are tired of being led around from agenda to agenda.  They are tired of marginal leadership.  They are tired of politicians trying to be comedians or fake intellectuals.  They are tired of political gimmicks without any value.  The list goes on and on.

We are for the most part in the same landscape as France in this period before the June Rebellion.  We want something to change.

A Trump opera unfolding?  As silly as it's what the public desires.  If you are going to have fake politicians.....then lets go all the way.

The book by Hugo?  Few people realize that it was nearly 1,900 pages (in French) at the time, Today, when you go to typical book'll run to around 850 pages (more or less).....that it's been edited a fair bit and not the original piece by Hugo.  We can all admit....if you handed us 1,900 pages....maybe one guy out of 500 would read the whole book.

I think the Trump period in American history will amount to the same thing.....1,900 pages and simply too much to grasp or remember.  Generally, a good opera ends up with a fat lady singing toward the end.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Hillary Scenario

This is my silly Hillary fantasy scenario.

She wins in November (I know it’s wild).

Come January and the swearing in the midst of a bright sunny brilliant day....right as she’s supposed swear an oath...on the 4th word....she stops and does some head-shaking movement and eye-twitching.  Then she launches into a full-scale seizure.

The Chief Justice just stands there....trying to figure some plan B. Chelsea on one side and Bill on the other....are trying to hold her up and yelling at the justice to just keep going.

The Secret Service looks for a signal and then drag her off the stage. The VP gets his oath. Everyone exits the side-door.

She comes to 30 minutes later in the WH and seems ok, with the chief justice right there and they wrap up the ceremony in private. 

The press asks....what’s the deal? Oh it’s that Pneumonia thing. Over the next hundred days...she has four more seizures in public. One during some meeting with the French President and they hustle her back to the plane and fly back to DC in a huff.

Finally, the senate convenes and asks to impeach her. She now admits that she has Parkinsons....but argues about what stage that she’s in. She says just middle stage of one. Experts just stand there and say it can only be mid-way from two to three, period.

So then the idiot GOP senators long have you known that you had Parkinsons? Six months will be her answer....but the experts say it’s likely three to four years.

So they turn to the VP and ask this a surprise? Oh, he knew it in the summer of 2016. So by summer of 2017, they’ve impeached Hillary....with Kaine moved up but they refuse to accept his choice as VP (Sen Warren).

Arguments occur, and eventually some GOP guy says that they will accept former ex-VP Joe Biden. So Joe gets a call and ends up as VP once again. The press sits there in shock how all this unfolded and they just couldn’t figure this out.

Hillary is mostly shocked at being impeached....not over lying or corruption or any of the 300-odd things that she'd done in her life....but her health is the only thing that they were willing to impeach her upon.

Yep, a remarkable thing.....all that business that could have gotten her fired or sent off to some jail, and in the was the silly Parkinsons that did her in.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

If Hillary Choose to Leave the Race

I know.....people talk about this and they think it might happen, but here's the humble truth.

We are up to mid-September.  Most states have already started printing their ballots and their rules are now in a set pattern.  It's virtually impossible for most states to reverse this or take in some new candidate.

So if Hillary says she's bad off....the only choice is to keep her on the ballot and let the system go forward.  Maybe the sympathy vote would work, and the electoral college would have enough for the Hillary/Kaine to win.  Then because of her condition.....she'd step to the side and Kaine would become President on day one.

The job of the Electoral College in your state to go and vote for the candidate they are pledged to.

There was a point....maybe there within a week or two of the Convention where Hillary could have stepped down and something could have occurred.  But now?  No.

So, let's ask three simple questions.

1.  For the typical true-blue Democrat voter.....does any of this matter?  No.

2.  For the independent voter....does this matter?  Yeah.  They probably won't vote for someone bad-off or seriously ill.

3.  For the Republican voter.....does any of this matter? only proves they were right.

Personally, this ought to bring people back to the idea of only allowing people who are between forty-five and run for President.  I doubt if anyone wants to make rules on this but that ought to become the future norm.

As for Hillary?  She's been on this tangent since 2006.  A ten year episode to become President.  Who can blame her for masking everything and just trying to reach some lofty goal.  With a President who passes out weekly or during periods of stress?  Who'd agree that this is a good idea?

So settle back and enjoy the next eight weeks.  It should be entertaining.  She might surprise everyone with a miracle-like recovery from pneumonia in just ten days. For a 69-year-old to get completely over and all charged-up physically in that short of is absolutely a miracle.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

This Anthem Business and Where It Leads Onto

From Friday night, it was noticed that a number of "kids" at high school football games were sitting or on one-knee for the national we've drifted down to the basic level of most Americans.

There are discussions already by various fans for NFL and NCAA football may even start to reach down to high school football.

All of even include local high school football....are marketed and require some profits to help finance the local team.  If you normally have 900 people show up at a local school game and you come to notice only 450 people sitting there....the rest on some boycott action....then you have to ask the next question....if this hurts the bottom line for the team and creates a problem on down the road.  New uniforms which would be "free" from high school each year for the team members....suddenly have a $20 price-tag attached.  Less people showing up....means less profit for the clubs which operate the drink concessions and food operations.

You can go and look at any NCAA football operation on a Saturday.  Forty-thousand people....fifteen thousand cars parked ($8 each)....drinks and food ($20 each)....local hotels being used (at least 2,000 rooms in any normal town)....t-shirts (you can figure six-thousand people will buy a shirt or cap for the day).  There's tons of money to be made at a regular NCAA football game. Get 12,000 to boycott the game?  That's a huge loss for a big operation.

If just ten-percent of the Sunday afternoon crowd gets upset and starts to watch a John Wayne movie instead of watching their normal Sunday afternoon football game.....there's trouble coming.

So I think by March of 2017....between local, NCAA, and NFL football....there will be various meetings and some people will point out that their product is suffering.  They lost viewers or profit.  Teams lay out the issue and it starts to affect operational cost and in the case of the NFL....salary structure would be affected by fewer fans.  If you are relying upon that NFL check and been pro-anthem before....the minute you see an anti-anthem guy goofing off or doing his anti-US might hustle him up and threaten him because his act is affecting your pay-check now.

My suggestion for the anti-anthem crowd....what exactly do you think you will get out of this?  Stop the national anthem from being played?  And that will improve your life in what manner?

Usually, if you are protesting something....there's an impact point.  Well, in this case.....there's zero impact point.  There's nothing to be gained other than attention.  It doesn't translate into change.

I'm not saying people are stupid....but if you intend to bring about real change in America.....on a level of one to ten.....this anthem business gimmick is a "1" at best.  It doesn't lead onto anything.  Maybe some folks need to rethink their process and find something of substance to work on.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Yeah, Why Isn't Hillary Far Ahead?

The Washington Post wrote a big long piece which had only one central theme.....there seems to be a lack of support over Hillary here in early September and pure-hearted Democrats can't understand this.

Well....only to make seven basic observations:

1.  Go back to 2007/2008 and review Hillary in the primary period.  She just didn't catch on fire and attract a vast number of Democrats.  Shocking?  Candidate Obama didn't have the same funding as her but he gave five star speeches....something she can't deliver.  An entire primary period wasted and she proved over and over that there wasn't a great deal of thrills in her campaign.

2.  This email business keeps getting interesting.  To think, if she had just had TWO Blackberries and one was only for gov't business and other was her personal business phone....none of this email business would occur today.  The secret message business?  If she'd gotten actual real training and followed guidelines.....not a single classified message would have gone out.  You simply view all of this as a person who cuts corners....every single day.....every single hour.....every single minute.  The email business, in my humble opinion.....just won't ever go away.

3.  Physically, she was a hundred-percent in 2008.  Go back and review the videos on Youtube and look at the energy she had then for the primary.  Now?  She's tired and looking at maybe 60-percent the same energy that she had eight years ago.

4.  Who is this "Bill" guy?  Maybe reporters and people over the age of fifty remember Bill Clinton with a fondness.....but if you go and ask around to anyone under thirty years old.....Bill is ancient history.  When you drag him out and he reads off some script about Hillary, it has limited appeal.  Maybe he could whip up crowds in the 1990s....but twenty years have passed, and there's just no "whipping" left in Bill.

5.  So, all the people that you know that have a serious coughing attack on a regular will note about each one their medical condition and what they have.  Yet, Hillary has no medical condition?  And coughs regularly?  Yes, it is a Scooby-Doo type of mystery and you have to wonder just how far you can carry this fake no-condition cough business.

6.  What is the central theme of this election year?  Ask a dozen people this and you get various answers.  It's not the economy.  It's not a threat from Russia.  It's not a scandal from the White House.  There is no central theme.  Hillary is advertising herself as a new model car but there's nothing really big or special about this model.  2016 has proven itself to be a year about....mostly nothing (a Seinfeld episode almost).

7.  Lastly, it's this odd feeling that resume-wise and Hillary....there's nothing much of accomplishment over the last ten years.  There's a book or two written, and some speeches.....but beyond that.....even with the Clinton Foundation doing all of its marvelous work in Haiti....there's just not much to say.

So, Hillary isn't doing that well, and the solution?  You have eight weeks to create a miracle.  In the midst of will do three debates and hope like heck that she doesn't cough during these hour-long debates.  A cough or two......some lousy answers.....and the numbers dissolve.

In 2008, with McCain as the Republican choice.....she probably would have won.  That chance came and went.  History is what it is.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dead Voter Topic

About once a year, I'll get around to the topic of dead voters.  I will is something that interests me.

I always find it curious that no one wants to really dig into this.....or ask how many dead voters voted in the 2008 or 2012 election.  Some people take guesses.....some are educated....some are just a wild guess.

Roughly 2.1 million people voted in 2008 within the state of Alabama.  How many dead voters cast their vote?  My educated guess is that around a 1,000.

I say this because I've analyzed this and come to some conclusions.

First, when folks pass away.....there's a death certificate done and it passes through the county office responsible for maintaining the voter's list.  They typically have someone with a high school diploma.....who has the job of once a week....updating the list.  At best.....from an average can figure that roughly thirty to forty people pass away each week.  So the clerk would have roughly two hours of remove those forty names off the list.

If you wanted to organize the dead voter names and take advantage of'd be awful hard unless you noted in the database that they were people who got absentee ballots mailed to them.  The odds of this?  Maybe if this was a relative who was in an old-folks might occur.  The typical guy who is thirty-five?  No. He won't have an absentee ballot situation.

My honest guess is that you have some dimwit clerk who will have 2,000 names a year that they need to remove from the listing, and they typically screw up on fifty-odd names a year. Some will be absentee ballot folks but it'll be a small number.  So if you did do some a single county.....there might be twenty dead folks getting a absentee ballot to their house.  Maybe some neighbor checks the box for the relatives or maybe the widow herself checks the find this ballot there, and thinks for a vote in the name of more time.

So across the US?  I'd take a guess that we are talking about somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 dead folks voting.  There's no proof of them being Republicans or I doubt if this is a real organized thing.

Should it bother folks that 10,000 dead folks vote in national elections every four years?'s hard to say.  Ethically, it's not right.  For the widow, or nephew, or daughter who is voting in the name of the dearly departed?  Maybe they think it's legal (it's not).....or that no punishment can come of this.....which is likely true.

Fixing this?  I think the only way is to require absentee voters to actually be met by someone who represents the county and be re-registered every single election year.  You could hire some gal who travels around the county four months prior to an election and just confirm you are still alive and kicking.....and OK to have a ballot.  The odds of us doing this?  Zero.

Eventually, someone is going to discover that a dead guy has voted in five elections and then the journalists will get all huffed up.....disturbed, and beg for some change.  But until then.....the dead will continue to vote.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Taco Trucks?

I noticed last week that the subject of taco trucks got brought up.....and the general public asked if they wanted taco trucks on every street corner.

At some point in 2013, while still living around the DC area....I came to note that DC and Virginia had an abundant growth of various eatery trucks.

In the late 70s and throughout the 1980s....if you looked around, there just weren't that many eatery trucks in existence.  On Air Force installations....other than the useless AAFEs trucks (the BX operation eatry)....that was it.

In 1977 while around Sheppard AFB for three months....I had around a dozen opportunities to take a break and exit the class building.....and eat the AAFEs truck.  To be fair....the forty-year-old gal who ran the operation basically had a dozen-sandwiches....which mostly all one thin slice of some mystery meat....some mayonnaise.....and some cheap bread which was four or five days old.  You'd have some choices of chips, and five or six soda choices.  For roughly two wasn't a bad deal....but on the scale of was barely a "3" on a scale of one to ten.

Most of the AAFEs truck operations in Europe started to disappear in the 1990s.  They just couldn't compete.

The problem I see with the taco truck operations.....if you really dig down into these....the sanitation levels go from sub-zero (not just bad, but where you could get something really bad and end up in the hospital) pretty decent.   Jose number 1 might do a good job....and even Jose number 2 might do OK.  But you come along to Jose number 3 who got hired on a Monday and by Friday....there's two guys in the hospital because of his bad habits.

The other issue which comes up is that you have a fair number of people now who claim to be Mexicans but they aren't real Mexicans.  They will be illegals from Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, or even Haiti.  Fake Mexicans?  Yeah.

So when you walk up to a taco have to this a real Mexican taco truck, or a fake Mexican taco truck?  And when was the last time a real sanitation inspection was done on the vehicle?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

I'd Like to Fix Voting

I won't say that voting is broke, but there's something wrong with the process, and my trust in accuracy is fairly challenged. So, I'd like to fix it.....and these are my ten suggestions:

1.  A free picture ID provided by the state government, that has nothing to do with a driver's license. You can have the license bureau in the county produce it.....but it should be a totally different item....good for booze control, identification at banks and drug stores, and requiring you produce one time only....your birth certificate.

2.  Dump absentee ballot opportunities unless you are an invalid or US military outside of the country.

3.  Anyone identifying a dead person having voted in an election....gets a fifty-dollar check from the county....out of their own funds.  Call it a death tax in reverse.

4.  Discovering anyone who voted in two counties or two states?  A complete review by a state committee, and then a mandatory fine of $10,000, with total lose of voting privileges across all fifty states for a twenty-year period.  If you can't pay the fine, then you mandated to show up every Sunday and fill one-hundred sand-bags for one year.

5.   Open county voting at one central location for 30 days prior to the actual voting day.  I would even open this location for an entire Saturday and Sunday prior to the allow folks as much possibility to vote.

6.  Dump all electronic voting.

7.  Establish a mental IQ standard and if you can't pass at least that minimum aren't registered to vote.  You can make the standard first-grade-level.....if you want....but you have to be able to grasp what you are doing.

8.  Any candidate who dies up until 72 hours prior to the final election day.....must be removed from the ballot.  After that point, let folks vote for the dead guy if they want to but you can't allow a dead guy to assume office.

9.  Once a guy has left prison and done his probation period.....give him his voting rights back.

10.  Let all illegals know that if they've submitted their citizenship papers or visa-request, and they attempt to vote as a non-American.....they will be refused citizenship for twenty years. Toss in a fine of $10,000 as be paid prior to leaving the country.