Saturday, 3 September 2016

I'd Like to Fix Voting

I won't say that voting is broke, but there's something wrong with the process, and my trust in accuracy is fairly challenged. So, I'd like to fix it.....and these are my ten suggestions:

1.  A free picture ID provided by the state government, that has nothing to do with a driver's license. You can have the license bureau in the county produce it.....but it should be a totally different item....good for booze control, identification at banks and drug stores, and requiring you produce one time only....your birth certificate.

2.  Dump absentee ballot opportunities unless you are an invalid or US military outside of the country.

3.  Anyone identifying a dead person having voted in an election....gets a fifty-dollar check from the county....out of their own funds.  Call it a death tax in reverse.

4.  Discovering anyone who voted in two counties or two states?  A complete review by a state committee, and then a mandatory fine of $10,000, with total lose of voting privileges across all fifty states for a twenty-year period.  If you can't pay the fine, then you mandated to show up every Sunday and fill one-hundred sand-bags for one year.

5.   Open county voting at one central location for 30 days prior to the actual voting day.  I would even open this location for an entire Saturday and Sunday prior to the allow folks as much possibility to vote.

6.  Dump all electronic voting.

7.  Establish a mental IQ standard and if you can't pass at least that minimum aren't registered to vote.  You can make the standard first-grade-level.....if you want....but you have to be able to grasp what you are doing.

8.  Any candidate who dies up until 72 hours prior to the final election day.....must be removed from the ballot.  After that point, let folks vote for the dead guy if they want to but you can't allow a dead guy to assume office.

9.  Once a guy has left prison and done his probation period.....give him his voting rights back.

10.  Let all illegals know that if they've submitted their citizenship papers or visa-request, and they attempt to vote as a non-American.....they will be refused citizenship for twenty years. Toss in a fine of $10,000 as be paid prior to leaving the country.

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Politics Alabama said...

Okay, allow me to offer my thoughts on your points.

1) Alabama already offers a non-drivers' license ID, the STAR... though it's not free. As long as you can GUARANTEE that such an ID will never become mandatory, I have no major objections.

2) Legally arguable... but it's the exception list that'll bite you in the butt. You mentioned two exceptions, and once an exception list is established it is prone to growth.

3/4) Genericize these: make vote fraud a felony and create an enforcement arm. The problem would be to define things in such a way as to give them teeth while discouraging overzealous mission creep.

5) I'll disagree with this one. Storing physical ballots for extended periods of time makes them vulnerable to tampering.

6) No method of voting shall be implemented that does not both produce a physical ballot AND allow the voter to look at it before it is submitted. (The machines where the voter punches a button and a ballot is generated BUT NOT SEEN would not qualify.) No black boxes in which a vote can be manipulated or ignored.

7) Extremely problematical. Most IQ tests that I've seen have cultural biases that can lead to skewed and inaccurate results. And there is some debate if IQ tests actually measure general intelligence at all. Not sure how you could accomplish this... politically speaking, it would be a minefield.

8) I disagree. As a firm proponent of having None of the Above (NOTA) on the ballot, a dead guy getting elected would be the same as NOTA. There are also other methods that could be used, such as voting for your first, second, and third choices for each office. Especially with paper ballots, 72 hours is far too short a time to reprint ballots and get them distributed... not to mention a massive waste of money as tons of ballots are tossed in the trash.

9) I have no fundamental problem with that, but note that voting rights restoration is already available upon request.

10) This would be better handled under the vote fraud section... why address illegals voting specifically when the generic prohibitions already cover it as a felony? A felony conviction for an illegal is supposedly grounds for deportation.

Just my thoughts...