Monday, 31 October 2016

CNN, Burnt Bridges, and Scorched Earth

I sat the last hour and watched twelve minutes of CNN.  It's hard these days to watch the news organization.  Their "lost" prospective leaves them wandering a topic with no real logic or thought-process.

They desperately wanted you to know that Comey of the FBI had done a serious 'wrong' and it was a terrible, terrible, terrible thing.

The simplicity of Comey's position?

Some NY City cops had done the search warrant and found on Anthony Weiner's laptop/computer.....a lot of stuff.  The search was in effect on 22 September 2016.  I would imagine that the review of the hard-drive took basically a week, and then they came to this PST-file that held roughly 600,000 emails.

At some point around early October...the NY City cops let the FBI know the extent of this.

What could the FBI do?  (hint to CNN, think about this, if you were the chief of the FBI).

The lawyers of the FBI likely all spoke and said you couldn't do anything.  The FBI guys in New York City?  They probably hinted that the New York City cops would eventually leak this information to the newspapers.  At had had two weeks to act.

The idea that the FBI refused to investigate this?  You can spend roughly five minutes analyzing this and it can only destroy the reputation of the FBI.  The vast membership of the organization would sit there in disbelief.

So the boss made his only decision.  To act in the way that CNN suggests?  They would have destroyed their organization.....much like they'd acted in the past six destroy CNN.

It's hard to say how CNN survives after the election results occur next week.  Between scorched earth and burnt bridges.....they've done enough to ensure viewers don't return.

As for Weiner?  I think he deserves Time's Man of the Year.....he personally ensured the Hillary campaign would lose.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Queen and the Heartland

Andy Borowitz wrote a humor piece for the New Yorker magazine.....centered on this fantasy story that Queen Elizabeth stood up yesterday and made a speech offering America a third option between Hillary or Trump.....that they could vote to just return to the "empire" and let her govern the nation instead (well....her, possibly her son, and that William kid grandson).

It was a humor piece, and designed to suggest that Brexit is opening up various doors, and that maybe returning to the empire would solve this whole thing.

I sat and read the piece about three times.  To be honest, by the third reading, I came to think less of this in a humor way and more so in a serious way.....that returning to the empire might not be such a crazy or unwise idea.

So, you start with the end of Washington D.C.  You wouldn't need the House or Senate......we'd fire all of the fake pretenders and then have seats in Parliament or the House of Lords.  There might be five or six Senators given some Lord-status but the rest would just go back home and sell cars or fraudulent real estate.  There might be 50 House members to survive and end on the benches of Parliament.

Second, all these stupid House or Senate members appearing on TV constantly?  That would end rather quickly.

Third, all the fake news and agendas via CNN, NBC, Fox News, CBS, PBS, and ABC?  They'd all shut down their Washington offices, and settle down to a London routine.

Fourth, PBs would finally end.   They'd rebrand themselves into the BBC, and Americans would get used to TV taxes.

Fifth, to be honest, this Queen-thing would catch on rather quickly and I think what we'd want is for the Queen to do a fifty-state drive-through.....stopping off in various states to sip some of our fine beers, ales, whiskeys, and tasting our fine chicken or steaks.  She could make the trip in a RV or just drive in a Ford F-150 pick-up.

Sixth, with Brexit in place....we'd sign up a trade-agreement, and get friendly with our Brit associates.  Maybe after a while, we'd also get friendly with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Here's the thing.....after two-hundred years, we an admit that for a long while....the 'experiment' worked and we were doing OK.  Over the past forty years.....because of lobbyists, manipulation, fake politics, the fraudulent news media, and wannabe's screwed-up.  Rather than just keeping hiring new fake Presidents every four to eight years.....why just hire professional royals to run things and hand out medals or awards to the public?

The odd thing?  If you explained all of this to the general public.....I think over 60-percent of the American public would vote for this change.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Votes Matter in Presidential Elections

Just the numbers to think about over the past thirty years:

President Obama in 2012 won with: 66-million votes.

Senator Obama in 2008 won with: 69.5-million votes.

President Bush in 2004 won with: 62-million votes.

Governor Bush in 2004 won with: 50.5-million votes.

President Clinton in 1996 won with: 47.4-million votes.

Governor Clinton in 1992 won with: 44.9-million votes.

VP Bush in 1988 won with: 48.8-million votes.

President Reagan in 1984 won with: 54.5-million votes.

Governor Reagan in 1980 won with: 43.9-million votes.

Governor Carter in 1976 won with: 40.8-million votes.

President Nixon in 1972 won with: 47-million votes.

Former VP Nixon won in 1968 with 31.7-million votes (George Wallace, curiously in this election took 9.9-million votes.

President Johnson won in 1964 with 41.1-million votes.

Senator Kennedy won in 1960 with 34-million votes.

In this election.....whoever takes 65-million-plus votes....likely wins the race.  A blowout suggestion?  If anyone were to top 70-million, it would be an historical event.

What This New FBI Investigation on Hillary is About?

If you connect all the leads to this.  When the NY City cops used a search warrant on Anthony Weiner for hot-chat with teen girls.....they served the search and seize paperwork on ALL computers and laptops in his apartment, to include his wife (Huma) and her assets.  Huma is the personal assistant to Hillary.

For weeks and weeks, the city cops have had time to analyze the data, the emails, and study everything....going beyond just the hot-chat accusation.

While the FBI has a sweet-heart deal with Huma over the past X, Y and Z allegations and she can't be dragged into federal court.....well, the city cops have lots of fresh and new information and can probably start talking about other issues.

The FBI and Loretta Lynch?  Up until yesterday, it wasn't their case.  Now they realize the implications.  They need to know what the NY City cops know.

Can the city cops and prosecutor drag Huma in on charges?  Yes, they could but no one has suggested that yet.  Could they drag Hillary in?  Yes. This would mean that NY state law has been violated.  The insider process?  I would guess either financial crimes, tax avoidance crimes, or promises or favors related to NY state.

If Huma has a secret bank account in Switzerland or some other country.....where did the money come from?  If the money was via Hillary or the Clinton Foundation.....what was the promise?

At this point, Comey from the FBI can only seek to know what the New York City cops know.  It's not a federal case.....if you were not grasping that by now.  It's a state or local case.  So, there is no DC hand to keep things under control.

All of this.....because of hot-chat with Weiner and some teen gals?  Yeah....that's the funny thing about this whole last-minute episode.  The FBI is screwed because they can't control this or predict the outcome in NY City.  Hillary has to be sitting there in a daze....all of this because of emails.  If she'd never had the stupid server in the closet, none of this would have ever occurred.  All she had to do was run a legit Secretary of State job for four years.....shake some hands.....and be happy with a marginal Clinton Foundation pot of money.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Should the Campaign Season Be Shorter?

There's lots of things that I would like to change or of them is to make the whole election year period shorter.

Basically, if you haven't noticed.....somewhere about eighteen months out from election day.....things start to heat and political dimwits spend money.

So my suggestion.

1.  Both parties stage a weekend conference with everyone desiring to run for President, and give them 30 minutes to give a speech over that weekend.  Stage this the week after Thanksgiving.....eleven months prior to the election.

2.  Start the primary season in April of the next year.  Assign five states the first week of April to wrap up their primary.

3.  Assign twenty states the first week of May, and the remaining states the final week of May. Three total periods of chance.

4.  Both parties must wrap up their convention by mid-July to mid-August, and shut down Congress from mid-August on.....sending the fools home.

The way it's built leads to massive financial requirements and part of the total game is to find people to fund your gimmick.  A smart guy with no rich donors, won't make it's built today.  We need to find smarter and more competent people for the job.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

If Hillary Loses

While for several months, the news media have people to various polls and claims that it'll be a five to ten-point win for Hillary....some polls project a different story.

It is obvious now that more than ten-percent of blacks will vote for Trump.  Some polls suggest an all-time record of blacks voting for a Republican.  Some polls show middle-class Latinos might vote for Trump as well.

So the question here ought to be.....if it does did Hillary lose?

1.  Lack of charisma.  This was a major problem in the 2008 Presidential campaign, and noted by dozens of journalists.  As early as the Iowa Caucus in 2008....this was already being discussed.

2.  Wife of Bill.  The chief resume problem in 2008 was that Hillary didn't have anything beyond the Senate seat to show experience (3 draft laws written by her and passed into law, over a 8-year period).  A weak period as Secretary of State?  Ask Democrats what they remember of the four years and most just cite speeches.

3.  The email server was a brilliant idea.  But then it became obvious that she never handed all these emails over as law requires.  It just opened up a massive problem....never to be explained.

4.  Health issues.  Every single appearance in 2016 became an event where people speculated about her health.  The connection to Parkinsons was a daily thing.

5.  Bill.  Bill and his affairs are a problem which you can't explain away.

6.  The news media.  As much as they tried to help the end, they destroyed their credibility.

7.  The FBI and the Attorney General.  By avoiding any investigation or charges....they helped to lift her to epic proportions.  But that also made the 'fall' a greater deal because of their misbehavior.  No one trusts them anymore.

8. The Clinton Foundation.  Roughly 6-percent of their money goes to actual charity operations.  I read that last week.  The rest goes toward employees and operating costs.  It's just not a charitable operation.

9.  Services owed to foreign donors.  The more you look at what people paid and what they got in leaves a bad smell.

10.  A weakened DNC.  If you look across at national candidates.....who should have been preparing and moving ahead in the 2012 to 2016 one did much of anything.  It's like they were told that Hillary was it, and don't bother wasting time.  Bernie didn't get the message, and Bernie ran like a mad-man.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Just the Numbers Game

2008:  Candidate Obama put on charm and enthuiasm and got 69 million votes.  Against a marginalized campaign by McCain, who got 59.5 million votes.

2012: President Obama put on less charm and enthusiasm and got 59 million votes.  Romney got 57.1 million (2 million less votes than McCain).


This entire primary by Hillary has been less charm and less enthusiasm that we saw in 2008 or to think in relative numbers....I'd say at best....she might be able to see 57 million votes.  All Trump has to get what a weak McCain or Romney got, and he wins.

When you go back to the primary period of 2007/2008.....over and over, people talked about the lack of public appeal or charm.  It's what lost Iowa, and eventually got President Obama his nomination.

The odds of Trump getting less votes than Romney?  I just can't see this happening.  The question will....can Hillary pull a Obama-2012 election and get 59-plus million votes?  Does she have more charm and charisma than Obama in 2012?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

WikiLeaks Observation

The WikiLeaks people have to be sitting there and pondering reality.

They've released a ton of information over the past two months.  You would think that all of this would weigh heavily upon the Democrats in this election and harm Hillary greatly., it's almost nothing.

Why?  I think mostly because the networks, newspapers, and news blogs have almost no coverage.  You can go and view everything at the WikiLeaks site, but that means searching and trying to analyze each single email.  WaPo or NY Times doing the research?  No.....I'd take a guess that almost zero research is being done by them currently.

All of this, and absolutely no take-down?  Yeah, that's the humorous part of this story now.

Presently, I think that they could even come up with a video of Hillary Clinton talking to some crackheads from Atlanta, and promising them jobs with the state department, and I don't think anyone would care.

Who Would Putin Want: Trump or Clinton

If you sit and ponder on this long enough, you come to a surprising result.

If you were Russia's Putin, you'd want someone that would continually be in trouble with the American public, someone physically and mentally weak, and someone tied to continued scandals.

With Clinton's Parkinsons.....the following items are noted with the medication that you'd typically take: impulsive and compulsive behavior, hallucinations and delusions.

There is zero reliability that the Clinton Foundation will be taken down at the end of this election.....even if Hillary Clinton wins.  So I expect the inner workings of the foundation to be closely watched by the KGB and the email server to be penetrated by hackers on a daily basis.  Emails between Bill, Hillary and Chelsea?  At least a dozen Russian hackers will read them daily and deliver the best quotes back to Putin.

If you really wanted to get under Hillary's skin?  Go and time five or six events to occur at midnight, where the White House staff have to awaken Hillary and lessen her sleep schedule as much as possible.

So I generally don't believe the news media or the experts any longer.  The person that Putin would prefer is not Trump.  Although there could be one or two minor advantages with Trump.  The suggestion by Trump earlier in the year of lessening participation in NATO?  Putin might like that idea because he could push Germany around a bit and they wouldn't have the US standing in their corner.

President Clinton not grasping how Putin plays the game?  I don't think she's that keen or perceptive on foreign relations.  She wasted four years mostly just shaking hands and giving speeches.  Her state department time is utterly worthless.

As for the final key to the Putin desire for Hillary to win?  She's stuck to cellphones and easy email operations.  She has shown no tendency to upgrade or get smart.  It's all an advantage to Putin's intelligence service.

The news folks.....I think....are lost on this topic.

2018 Senate Race and the 2016 Presidential Winner

Just something to ponder about.

There are 33 Senate seats up for election in 2018.  Right now.....two Democrats are absolutely running for re-election.  One Republican has already said he won't run again and will retire.  Seven Republicans and twenty-one Democrats are in the "thinking" stage of running again.  And at the end of this entire group.....two independents.....with both likely to run.

Right now, the general belief by various news groups is that there might be a challenge thrown up against the Republicans in Nevada and Arizona.  I don't see this being affected by a President Hillary or a President Trump.  It might be suggested that the Supreme Court choices under a President Hillary would make some residents in these two states get hyper and negative against Democrats.

As for the remaining states, mostly under Democrats?  West Virginia, North Dakota and New Jersey might be states where a real Republican contender could win and take three more seats.  In this case, a President Trump....on the campaign trail in the three states might help that candidate.

But there is this odd feature of a President Trump.....a number of GOP players went negative on him during this election.  My humble guess is that there would be some pay-back.  In Arizona's case, Republican Senator Jeff Flake went negative on Trump.  So, Trump might come to campaign in the Republican primary for someone to replace Flake.

Currently in Nevada's Senate election situation (2016), the Republican running has gone negative on Trump, and found that he's now lost votes.  Enough to lose the election?  Yeah.

I think what you will see is a crowd of new faces in 2018, with several Republicans sent home (Senator Bob Corker of Tenn might be one who is replaced as well).

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Trio of Constitutional Crises

In roughly three weeks, I anticipate that Hillary Clinton will edge Donald Trump in the Electoral College with approximately 290-to-300 votes.  Six months ago, I would not have said that.  But in doing so.....a Pandora's Box of problems of issues will start up, and three significant crises will be set into motion.

First, within forty-eight hours, it'll become obvious that a combination of dead voters, illegal voters and double-voters were at the heart of several swing states.  Because of lack of media attention and the absolute desire of the GOP to move on (away from Trump), nothing will occur, and acceptance will seem to be the only drive for the nation.

State by state?  A totally different story.  By early December, well over 1,000 individuals will be pursued for voter-issues.  By January, another 10,000 will be given a summons to appear before a judge.  By April, I think we will top at 300,000 votes which were illegally cast, and the discussion among state attorney generals is that nation-wide, the total number will probably go above one million votes cast in an illegal way.

The Trump crowd?  They will not go quietly into the night.  They will not accept the GOP "lets-get-back-to-business" theme.  By spring of 2017, it's obvious that a Deplorables Party is being set up in several states, without the use of massive funding.....using YouTube and social media to carry their message to the public.  At the same time, the Bernie-crowd are discussing their options because they think Bernie was screwed over and the process is screwed up.

By the end of 2017, some GOP and Democratic strategists are now worried about the mid-term election in 2018 and the possibility of a different kind of race.  Together, they work to form a fake national agenda with hyped up fakeness.  The news media are part of the agenda, but in this case....because of a complete distrust of the news media.....they are unable to get the message out.

An odd thing occurs in the November 2018 mid-term election....with at least 30 House seats taken by either the Bernie-crowd, the Green Party, or the Deplorables.  

Using YouTube and social media, these non-GOP and non-Democrats are now carrying their message straight to the American people, and bypassing the news media.

So, onto crisis one:  the health of Hillary.  By month three of the Hillary administration.....the bobbing of the head, the decreased hours of work, and the disconnected eye-pattern will be obvious enough to pronounce her as having Parkinsons.

After a whirlwind trip to Europe, most European leaders will quietly pause and note that she has limited energy, limits herself to meeting time, and the head-bobbing is now a full-time thing.  They will shake their heads over this health condition and wonder what the heck is going on.

Behind the scenes, it becomes obvious that on every single Presidential trip, that Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton have to escort "mom" down from the plane.  As Bill's health becomes more marginalized in 2017, Chelsea becomes a full-time escort for "mom" and is a hired hand now of the White House.....with questions arising over what exactly she does.

By the end of 2017, it's obvious that Hillary's work schedule is limited to Tuesday through Thursday, a maximum of six hours a day.  Some insiders are now saying that Bill, Chelsea, and Podesta are actually running the White House and argue that it's a carbon-copy of Wilson's 1919 period.

By spring of 2018, the GOP sensing a weak structure around DC.....goes strongly against Hillary and demands a health physical be accomplished and they be informed of her condition.  She refuses, and they mount a vote to mandate that she must be seen by a doctor.  In an effort to send a clear message....the GOP refuse to attend the State-of-the-Union speech gimmick.

The first crisis will revolve around the health talk by the GOP.

The second crisis?  At some point, with this marginalized health and Parkinson's effects.....Hillary will stumble and fall....breaking a hip, shoulder or arm.  A concussion will be part of the episode, and the question will be when did the VP step in to fill her shoes, and the answer is....never.  Podesta will not allow such an acceptable event to occur, and thus trigger crisis number two, with Congress demanding that the VP step in while she is in the hospital and in a fragile health situation.

The third crisis?  By late 2019, Hillary will decide to run in the 2020 election....shocking most with her marginalized health and limited schedule of work.  Kaine will quietly step to the side and refuse to be VP in this situation.

The 2020 election unfolds with the GOP, the Democrats, the Bernie-crowd party, and the Deplorables Party all active.  The 270 electoral vote minimum to win the election?  Oddly, The Bernie candidate wins one state, and the Deplorables with their candidate takes four states.  Without those five states, the GOP and Hillary are unable to reach the 270 point.

So, the Electoral College meets....conducts their job, and there is no winner.

Onto the House and the method written by the Constitution.  Oddly, there are fifty states and one must get 26 of the state's votes.  Because of the actions in 2018, getting 30-odd Bernie-Party people/Deplorable Party people into the certain key states.....we now observe the third crisis for the Constitutional in full detail.  For the entire month of December and into mid-January, they are unable to get a candidate elected because of the two additional parties.

The cherry on this cake?  Putin, along with China....will sense a weaker leadership in place with President Clinton and move to challenge her on all fronts.  The President is unable to convey any leadership beyond just speeches, and the public scratches it's head over this limited ability demonstrated.

The news media in all of this?  Because of their "fairness" in reporting for 2016....they will be surprised at the viewership declining and newspaper subscriptions continuing a negative trend.  Even Fox News will find that their crowd have packed up and given up hope with their "brand".

If you think this period of the last nine months were the "storm", and things return to a norm in are seriously mistaken.  The real "storm" has yet to even start.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

NFL Ratings Down

It's an interesting story which I've sat and reviewed at least a dozen times over the past month.  Various news outlets publish reports almost weekly now....chatting over the numbers.  Depending on who you view or read from.....the ratings are 10 to 20 percent down from the average.  For a TV product, it's not good news.

Why are the ratings down?  I've seen an amazing number of creative explanations.  Some say it's the political season and people are handcuffed to that.  Some say it's over-saturation.  Some point toward too many TV options.  Almost no one wants to admit or say it's Kaepernick and his knee-down on the national anthem situation.

Oddly, no one seems to want to interview real people.  That's the curious thing about the whole story.  I've yet to see some sports journalist stop five people in an airport and confirm that they are not watching the NFL much, and then asking why.  They really don't want to ask this public this question because if it comes back that 99-percent of the public are avoiding the NFL games because of the flag and anthem business (leading straight back to Kaepernick).....then things are now permanently screwed up and business won't return to normal.

How corrupted or screwed up is news?  On a scale of one to ten.....I'd give it 'seven' or 'eight' now.  For no one to ask this one simple question amongst a dozen guys in a sports just doesn't make sense.

What happens after the season ends?  If the Super Bowl ends with a lesser TV audience (even just two or three percent), it will scare the NFL to a great degree, and the franchise owners.  Contracts for 2017?  If I were the manager and my product is now a lesser product.....I'd cut pay....maybe by 10-percent.  I'd let the players know the situation and prepare for some kind of strike action....just to make matters worse.

You just shake your head over how this all occurred.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

2017: It Really Doesn't Matter

On the day after the election.....when the smoke clears, and you seem to think....OK, it's over., it's not really over.

It doesn't matter if Hillary wins or Trump wins....2017 promises to be a fairly miserable year for the losers (the voters who voted this way or that way), and they won't let this fall back into the normal situation.

I expect demonstrations to occur.  The inauguration will be a massive demonstration.  By March, most news organizations will feature nightly pieces on hostile and frustrated voters who can't respect the vote.

Dead voters, people voting twice or more, and non-American registered and voting....will become talk of the nation.  Various states (at least twenty) will talk of voter ID and new tactics on punishing dead registration.  One state, I will predict, will require all voters to come in for registration and actually have a picture of themselves made to authenticate their identity.

Trump supporters condemning fake Republicans or RINOs will start to become standard.  By the spring of 2018, some Republicans running in the 2018 election period will be kinda scared because they don't have the full support of their normal voters.

Thug-comedians will turn chances to have President Trump on their they had President Obama on numerous occasions.

All of matter who wins.....will permanently scar America and set into motion a number of changes that will be negative.

Monday, 17 October 2016

When Journalism Fails

Over the weekend......I came to note some thirty-second clip from one of CNN’s "talking heads".....Chris Cuomo.  He stood there and told is absolutely illegal for the public to have possession of these emails leaked by WikiLeaks.   So the public can't read them, but YES, the news media could read them and determine what was in the public interest or significant about the content.

I kid you not.

I watched the video twice, and just sat back.  It was one of the most stupid things that I'd seen on CNN over the past twenty years.  Back in the 1990s, they had an assembly of crackerjack journalists and tended to be fairly professional.  That era.....came and went.

Out of a hundred people watching Cuomo's WikiLeaks many believe CNN's take on this illegal stuff?  Probably less than five people.  The bulk will just view Cuomo and this absurd talk as part of the new news media that they have to deal with or avoid.

One might even ask if it's illegal for the public to have information....what law gives the news media the right?  Chris would probably grin and just avoid saying the obvious answer.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Goggle "Facts?

Without much of a public announcement.....Goggle has started up a new feature.....fact-checking the news reported.

What they that this "will help readers find fact checking in large news stories".

How exactly?

Generally, all they can say is that they've got an algorithm that takes knowledge, stories, and gives them a 'number' and that will correspond to a fake story or a true story.


Right now, if you go and browse, there are at least a hundred fact-check sites in existence.  Some do a reasonable job but not enough that you could assume it's a 100-percent fact-checker.  Some do a very marginal job and simply cover the trail of some network or newspaper.

I think the Goggle fact-checker is fairly bogus.  To assign some algorithm and think that it'll come to a score which equals must go back and ask how this algorithm was developed and who the guys were around it.  One might write a simple article over Thomas Jefferson and simply note that he wrote the basis of the Constitution, then as it's reported over at's given only a score of 92-percent fact (instead of a 100-percent fact).  You could spend hours asking Goggle but in the end, their computer can only go and perform what's it's been told to do.

Why Google had to get into fact-checking?  That would be the more interesting question to ask.

Lack of trust?  If you were looking for something to always be suspicious of.....Google-fact-check would be a forest-fire in the midst of darkness.  You would continually go and question how this story would only rate a 66-percent truth and that story would rate 88-percent truth.  It would seem like it'd be a 100-percent or nothing scale....logically-speaking.

There are typically four problems with news stories today reported (it doesn't matter if it's newsprint like Time or the Washington Post......or the CNN/Fox News crowd).

1.  A story will be reported with six key facts inserted into the 100 lines of story.  Eventually, you reach a point where you realize that there are three additional facts which fit into the story and balance the whole thing to a end-point.  Yet, the reporter refused to add those three, and he drives you to assume that's all of the story, and therefore you reach a false conclusion.   That's what I call "herd-driver" story.....all the cows need to be brought to one truth which is not really a truth.

2.  A story is told by one key reporter or journalist which fits their "agenda".  It'll be a 6-ounce T-bone steak (as small and marginal as you can imagine) but told in such a way that it's a 30-ounce T-bone in appearance.  So you bite into this story.....wasting ten minutes listening to some journalist tell the story and by the realize that no matter how great the story's still a 6-ounce marginalized steak (story).

3.  X and Y are told in such a way.....that you can only reach the assumed conclusion of the reporter, but if you dig into the history of this realize that there are five or six angles to the story and that it just can't be that simplified or easy to grasp.  Maybe the reporter cut out the angles and just wanted a story, or maybe he just wasn't smart enough to grasp the angles.  In this case, you have best.

4.  Finally, you come to stories that built strictly upon statistics or polls.  The numbers are facts, but the rest of the story is based upon 'feelings' mixed with some facts....which leads you to one single outcome.

How Goggle came to this idea might beg additional questions, and a fact-checker just over what they admit in public and what they say in private.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

If Trump Loses

What happens if Trump loses?  I might suggest ten things.

1.  Unbelievable public frustration.  Trump has to win both Florida and Ohio.  Without them, it's a loss.  A lot of people will ask questions and demand accountability....believing that dead people and illegals voted.  Both states will face a significant amount of investigation and I think some people....not just voters but some clerks and lobbyists who helped....will end up in jail.  Civil suits will be discussed, and damages is talked about into the billions.

2.  An incredible amount of blame will split the Republican Party.  There will be the GOP folks (the fakes) and the Deplorables/Tea Party.   Those who remain the GOP and think that people will come back....will be shocked by the end of 2017 where it's pretty guaranteed to be a weak and marginalized GOP in existence.  The news media will laugh over the Deplorables into 2018 but find that some Democrats (maybe five to eight percent) have crossed over and joined them.

3.  CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and MSNBC will wake up by mid-2017 and discover that their numbers aren't returning to normal and people have quit viewing national news.  Same for the Washington Post and NY Times.  Some newspapers will be forced to consolidate or go to a five-day-a-week publication.  CNN will be sold off by the end of 2018.

4.  Hillary Clinton finds herself President but in a tremendous amount of fake politics as she's being investigated for past email issues.  The House and Senate (still Republican-controlled) will try to generate a fake hearing but most Deplorables don't believe the talk.

5.  Bad health follows Hillary for most of 2017 and 2018.  Less than six international trips occur in this period.  There are two to three days a week where you don't see Hillary at all.  By the end of 2019, it's obvious that she can't run a full-up primary deal but the Democrats fake their way through, because she's the only one running.

6.  Paul Ryan fakes his priorities enough and is the GOP candidate in the spring of 2019 to head up the next Presidential election.  Lots of fake stories and harassment occurs by the news media against the Deplorables.

7.  The Deplorables mount a major campaign in roughly twenty states and will likely take at least eight states with the candidate.....mostly southern states.  Because of this....neither Hillary or Ryan can win via the Electoral College, so the thing goes to the House, and Paul Ryan wins.

8.  Democrats are angry.....Deplorables are angry....and the general attitude around the US is bitter and negative.

9.  At least two other parties start talking about forming up is younger generation Democrats and the other will be a hostile Green Party.  The two will combine by the summer of 2022 and send up a combined candidate against the regular Democratic and Republican contenders.

10.  Hillary Clinton will quietly exit in 2020.....keeping the Clinton Foundation still going, because of the deal that Paul Ryan rigged up.  In the end, everyone seems to think that Ryan and Hillary work for the same people....just not the voting people.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How Trump Reached This Stage

One could probably write a 1,000-page book on how Trump got to this stage today, but I will simplify it to a degree and list the five obvious things that I see.

1.  For decades, politics has been behaving more or less like some reality show.....whether we grasp it or not.  Over the past eight years with President Obama appearing almost every four weeks on some comedy show.....the behavior and public act was noticeable by the public.  Bush to a degree....perhaps less than Obama.....did the same thing.

Trump woke up and figured the whole script and production angle out.  It was straight out of regular reality shows already being produced.  All he had to do was get the right production team around him....stage the fake speeches and threats....and treat all of this political stuff as fake.  The public bought into it one-hundred-percent.

2.  Treat everyone to a WWE-wrestling-type act.  All of the fake stuff from the Republicans and Democrats over the past eight years?  It was all soap-opera stuff or WWE-wrestling scripts.  Trump figured that out.

3.  It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to be President.  If you look at the talents of Bush and Obama, with their resumes in front of you prior to assuming the office....neither were exactly rocket-scientist material.  The public accepted that and Trump blazed away with his regular skills.  Presently, I think a barber or transmission mechanic could probably accomplish as much as Bush or why not Trump?

4.  Trump settled his speeches and talks into regular understandable terms.  He's like the neighbor next door.....or like in Tim Allen's Home Improvement character....Wilson.  Wilson knows everything but only in small doses that are understandable.  Wilson is friendly.  Wilson wants to be a good neighbor.  Wilson never intimidates people.  Wilson can offer simple advice that doesn't take more than two minutes to lay out.  Trump is....Wilson.

5.  Finally, Trump is a New Yorker.  New Yorkers are different from normal people.  They want to tell you something....without a lot of $100 words, or science-gimmicks, or fake opera stories.  New Yorkers are blunt....but if you got into a serious problem....they'd bend over backwards to fix your issue.  In a sense, we haven't had a New Yorker since Teddy Roosevelt.  

The End of the Line for Four

About ten days ago....down in Sylacauga, Alabama.....some high school kid made a social media comment in support of the cops and Cops-Lives-Matter.  At some street-side junction....four punks came up and beat the crap out of the high school kid for the comment.  The beating?  A pretty harsh matter and the kid will likely spend a month in some rehab unit.

An investigation occurred and charges came out.  The four punks?  All young black men who were in some situation in a college (different colleges).

The likely charge?  If no baseball bats or batons were'll be second-degree assault.  If bats or batons were used?  First degree assault.

In Alabama.....first degree assault goes from two years to twenty years.   Second-degree assault?  From one year to ten years.

The odds in this case?  The prosecutor will probably meet with each of the four and their lawyers and give one an opportunity to rat on the remaining three.  This kid will be offered some kind of deal to admit things in court and the chief kid who did the damage or triggered the meeting to occur....will be the first one to face a court episode.

My humble guess is that one of the four will have get a major prosecution and face a minimum of ten years in prison.  Two of them might luck out and just get two to four years.  And the fourth guy who pointed out everything will walk away with six months of prison for a lesser charge.

All of this equals a pretty stupid amount of behavior by the four young men and will change their lives forever.  If the injured kid suffers brain-damage?  I'm still waiting for comments about permanent damage.  In this case.....the hurt kid will sue the heck out of these four punks get more or less nothing.

Their college years are finished.  At best, the kid with little jail time might be able to return to some form of a life and move on.  The kid who gets the ten-plus years?  He's finished and will just end up as car-wash guy or janitor at some hospital.  It's a pretty screwed up deal, and you just wander where their minds were that afternoon and why they had to beat the crap out of this high school kid.

Paul Ryan, the Opportunist?

My scenario on Paul Ryan:

- He expects Trump to lose, or in better terms.....he wants Trump to lose.  Thus, Hillary will win.

- He knows Hillary is seriously ill and has various health conditions.  He expects Hillary to be a marginal President over the next four years.....with few trips outside of the country, and mostly situated within the White House.

- Ryan has various fake confrontations planned out against the Hillary administration, to keep himself in the spotlight.

- In 2020, Ryan would emerge as the chief Republican to win the primary, and an extremely weak and unhealthy Hillary would run against him....with Ryan winning the 2020 election.

If Trump wins?  Trump might be around to 2024.....a Democrat would probably win that election and the next real chance that Ryan has is in 2032....a LONG time away.

Yes, this is the only way that Ryan can reach the's now, and Trump must lose.

The relationship between a President Trump and Speaker Ryan?  Zero.  I think Ryan has burned enough bridges and dismayed Trump's team enough.....that they will consider him an outsider.  Ryan might survive through 2017, but I'd expect challenges to his authority by various Republicans to occur.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Irony of Irony of Ironies

I sat this morning and read a piece off the Washington Post.  They wanted to let me know that the Trump-"brand" is finished off now.....that it's the irony of ironies that brought this to occur.

I read through the piece.  It's focused on some half-wit belief that millions of voters dumped Trump and that his "brand" can't come back.

I've reached a point with several newspapers now that I regard them as mostly just regular advertising for some agenda or some lobbyist group, or some political front.  The Wa-Po would fit into that type of comical 'front'.

The added irony here is that Wa-Po and dozens of newspapers have used up their silver bullets and seemed to have lost a fair amount of readers and viewers.  When the smoke clears after election day, and they have hopes that readers will return....I think they will find that they were the real victims of this election.

Added onto this...when you get to January and Trump enters the White House (assuming a win), and the newspapers continue their trend....what do you think the readers left will do?  I suspect that one out of every four remaining readers to various newspapers will send a warning up to their newspaper, and within a hundred days....dump the subscription.

Various newspapers over the next two or three years will become five-day-a-week publications, and in some cases....they will consolidate with other papers to survive. Within the next decade, if you look around your state or region.....if you are will have maybe three or four newspapers left.  The Washington Post will probably survive only as an internet publication in the future, and mostly funded by their owner for his own agenda items.

It's really the end for newspapers I think....if Trump wins.

For the on-line media?  They might be able to survive out the next four years but if Trump runs again in 2020, and the harsh nature of this agenda crowd continues....I think even a quarter of the on-line web sites will drop as well.

It is the irony of irony of ironies....that the news media never realized the impact of this, and blasted away to destroy themselves.  All in the name of.....well....journalism.

What May Come to Pass

I will suggest something that might make you sit and ponder.

Let's say that we get to the day after the election, and Trump lost the election.  That somewhere in the mist and fog, both Florida and Ohio went to Hillary.....each by less than 5,000 votes.  Hillary wins.

So four weeks after the election, it becomes apparent that at least 3,000 votes in each state were dead people voting.....and another 12,000 votes were registered to non-citizens.  The news folks will chat about this, but the political folks will just say it's done and we need not get freaked out.

A week passes, and suddenly some state attorney general (perhaps from Alabama, let's say) decides that his state's votes were negated and harmed by the behavior accepted in Florida and Ohio.  So, he brings up court documents and accuses each their respected state courts....of some crime.  He wants the range of three billion dollars each.  The court tries to laugh this off.....denying the suit....but eventually, the Supreme Court says the case must be tried in each state.

Days pass, and Hillary is sworn in.  By early spring....some other states are joining in on this deal, and the new figure is around ten billion for six states.  Governors from both Florida and Ohio start to do the House and Senate in Washington.

By June, the case ends.....the jury has awarded five billion dollars (from each state).

By the end of 2017, there's some harsh feelings around and finally the House decides that there needs to be some clean-up.  So, nationally provided ID's are of charge.  Every state is mandated to clear all their rolls and start fresh with only US citizens.  The fear?  Let's say we get to 2020 and a dozen states suddenly find more dead people and non-citizens voting.  You might see another run to the bank, and another court episode where billions have to be paid out in damages.  It'd bankrupt some states.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

"Tic Tac Respects All Women"

We've reached a stage in this presidential campaign where just about anything to slam Donald Trump will be exercised and used.  So, they finally found the audio (not the video) to have Donald giving advice on 'pu$$y'.

Somewhere in the midst of his comment to Mr Bush (Billy).....he noted a mention of Tic Tacs.

The makers of Tic Tacs got worried about the mention and decided that they better come out and let everyone know.....they really do respect women.  How many customers worried or were dismayed prior to Tic Tac noting they were observing the sacred non-thrill side of women?  I'd take a guess that half-a-million Democrats and probably 100,000 fake Republicans.  Were the fake Republicans going to vote for Trump?  No.

At some point yesterday, I noted that not only did McCain come out to be a fake Republican once again, but also Paul Ryan (head of the House).  Both insisted they just couldn't side anyone who mentioned "Pu$$y" in such a way.  The fact that Rapist-Bill is still around?  It didn't get brought up.  Charges on Hillary and the email server?  None.

There are basically two political parties now existing in America.  There is the Democratic Party, and there is the Fake-"Pu$$y"-Republican Party (FPR for short).  The FPR guys would like to convince everyone that they've got some righteous mission in life.....which doesn't involve "Pu$$y" but does involve stopping the outrageous health-care insurance deal.  The FPR guys also want to share with you their intention of standing against the evil Democrats while they really love and like the Democrats.  Go figure that one.

It is fairly screwed-up.

Here in the mist of this heavy fog?  Tic Tac trying to convey some urgent love for women.....which no vulgar terms can be used for secret regions.

Here's the sad thing about this counter-Trump episode.....thirty years ago, this "Pu$$y" criticism would have worked.  Today?  You can turn on most any network and hear the term mentioned a dozen times a day.  Comedians discuss "it" during their acts like you sip beer and laugh over the "Pu$$y" jokes.  Here in Germany on a Saturday night....we have a comedy show that is called "Pu$$y Terror" which features Carolin Kebekus....a German comedian who throws out some harsh lines on men, and women.  No one seems to get upset about "Pu$$y Terror".

In roughly four weeks, it's over.  Course, I imagine that with a Trump win.....enough ""Pu$$y" Republicans will be around to whine and complain over a Trump Presidency.  If Hillary wins?  The "Pu$$y" Republicans will be happy and sad at the same time.....faking us out to some degree but basically confirming that they never were real Republicans.

And the Tic Tac folks?  They need not worry.....the consumption level won't be be affected by "Pu$$y" or Hillary.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The 50,000 Pound Lead Weight

This week, the President sat down and did an interview and someone quizzed him over lessons learned or how he changed in the past eight years.  The response?

"If you go back and you read speeches I made when I was running for the US Senate in 2003, or if you go back further and you look at statements I made when I was on the Harvard Law Review, my worldview is pretty consistent.”

In essence, there's simply not a lesson learned or different view over eight years.  In fact, there's no real lessons learned or different views in life since he was in his mid-twenties.

What's this say?

If I started counting lessons learned, common sense developed, and how I'd changed.....since the summer of 1977 when I left for the "big world"'d consist of a book of about 2,500 pages.  I admit that 500 pages would be dealing with finance, law, legal responsibilities, taxes, and business dealings.
At least 100 pages would involve how to deal with drunks, stupid people, doped up characters and nutcases.

Around 500 pages would involve international situations, politics, customs in foreign countries, and things that could get you into trouble if you said the wrong thing to the wrong guy.

Around 6 pages would offer wisdom and advice on the purchase of used cars.

Around 3 pages would deal with the choice of wine, beer or cocktails at ceremonies, fests, parties, or bar-b-q's.

Around 100 pages would involve advice on women.  If you were single, this advice might be helpful.  But on the other hand, it might cause to second-guess relationships and swear off all possible marriage ideas.

Around 2 pages would involve advice on both the Atlanta and Nashville airports.  There's probably some critical comments and harsh criticism on those two pages.

Around 40 pages would offer advice and wisdom over living in the shadow of Washington D.C. and how to avoid getting mugged on Metro, assaulted by thugs on the 'Green Line", and recommendations for the better greasy breakfast options in Arlington.

When I look at this comment that the President made, I just sit and shake my head.  He's basically saying that he was mostly an empty-suit when he started on the job of President, and will end as a empty-suit.  I hate to suggest this, but he leaves you very few options.

You get the impression that he often felt of himself as always being the smartest guy in the room, and he'd suggest something which the "yes-people" would immediately let him know that was brilliant and they'd jump all over that idea.  It's a sad display of executive skills but then.....we didn't really care if he had such skills to start with.

Just about every single job or action I ever took in life....always led onto lessons learned.  In the Air Force, I learned how to deal with stupid people who beg for a chance to repeat past mistakes and never go through a lessons learned moment.  As a manager, you realize after a while that such people need constant supervision and plans laid out to the ninth-degree....which force the stupid idiots to only do what was in the plan.

The curious thing about the President's admission is that after eight years....he says this without any hesitation.  Normally, it'd be something that you might not want to share.  But obviously in his case....he wanted to share this.  The Republicans sitting there in 2009 and grasping how things weren't arranged in such a way that a two-way discussion were possible....would say today that he never realized the impact of his narrow executive skills.  Without any lessons learned.....nothing ever got just stayed the same.

In essence, this is a guy who is attached to a 50,000 pound lead weight.  He can't move forward.  He can't move backward.  He's stuck to the point where he is.  Historians will debate for the next forty years what exactly happen over this eight-year period, and probably leave the public with a marginal list of accomplishments.  It is what it is.....we asked for it and got it.


I'm showing my age probably because the word "Trigger-Warning" is kinda new to me.  I finally sat down last night and orientated myself to the phrase, and did some reading.

For a guy from Alabama or with a military might think it's a sticker on a gun which just notes that the trigger might cause a round to be fired.  But in this case?  Trigger-warning basically means that you are about to discuss something which will cause distress among the people in the audience.

It's like you are going to bring up some hunting experience where you shot a rabbit, and the listener starts to enjoy the first part of the hunt, and then you get to the point where you fire the round and kill the rabbit, which disturbs the listener greatly and they start to freak out.

So, this trigger thing is most attaching itself to college campuses and classrooms.  After a fair amount of reading, my humble feeling is that a number of kids have lived fairly sheltered lives up until age 18.  They got reality does in shot-glasses and at eighteen....can handle a marginal amount of big-time reality.  If you started to talk up WW II, the death of dinosaurs, American Indians, or life in the depression era....some of these kids would freak out because that's way too much reality to handle.

How did we get this way?  My guess is over the past dozen years....young people just lived in a closet....never reading a newspaper....never watching the news....playing away at World-of-Warcraft....talking on the Kardashians with the buddies....watching Japanese cartoons, and the deepest conversation that they ever had by age eighteen concerned some episode of Amish Mafia.

Professors?  I get the impression that they are standing there in a daze and can't believe they've some naive characters sitting in the room....who'd go berserk if you explained the Civil War or POW camps in the Vietnam War.  It's almost like a irrational fear of reality.

You almost need a boot-camp deal for two weeks upon entering college now.  Give these kids a maximum dose of reality in the world.

Where things will go?  Imagine a thousand kids at some university who fret and worry daily about trigger-warning episodes, and trying to make it through four years?  Then, they go and get hired by Mr Jones at some business operation who really sets upon them, and dumps a ton of reality upon them the first week or two.  If you think this is crazy now.....just wait till they reach the first'll go turbo.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Quarter-of-a-Quarter-Pounder Crowd?

Somewhere over the past week, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke at a National Press Club function, and said that people need to cut back on the food they put on their plate.

"Food production is a challenge, because we're going to have to increase food production -- I've seen anywhere from 50 to 70 percent in the next 35 years -- to meet a growing world population.  But the first step, and the one way the USDA can provide help and assistance to meet this need, is to expand on the -- on the issue of food waste,  A third of the food that we grow, raise and produce in this country is never consumed the way it was intended. It's wasted.  It ends up oftentimes in our landfills as solid waste. In fact, in our landfills today, food waste is the single largest component of solid waste in landfills.   First and foremost, America can stop wasting food.   We can reduce portion sizes, we can have a more informed consuming public,  The USDA is providing an app that allows you to sort of go online and figure out if something's been in the refrigerator for a couple of days, is it still OK to eat that type of thing? And if we can't reduce it or reuse it, then we need to recycle it. So that's one strategy that we're working on."

So, in the sense of the word, he'd like for everyone to cut back the food portions on your plate.

Making the standard of a "Quarter-of-a-Quarter-Pounder"?  Well, yeah.

Cutting T-bone steaks in half?  Just putting half as much ice-cream on your desert tray as previously?
For some folks, it'd be a North Korea-like diet situation....eating 1,500 calories a day.

So, how did this comment get created?  I'm guessing that some political agenda got into the middle of this and some lobbyist convinced the Ag Department that producing less can only occur if you put less on the plates.

My dad was an enthusiast of the second, third, and fourth helpings on a plate. When the buffet operations finally came into full bloom in was like Christmas morning.  There was guaranteed to be a minimum of three helpings before you got to the ice cream and cake point.  Just stopping by a catfish fry operation....mean at least six to eight fish and a dozen hush-puppys.  My hunch is that these less-food-on-the-plate agenda folks haven't had to deal with the multiple helping folks before.

I have some doubt that this will go anywhere much.  But it does beg for conversational material and you just have to wonder who would lobby for stuff like this.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Bernie Crowd

“You have millions of young people, many of whom took out loans in order to go to college, hoping to go out and get decent-paying jobs, and they are unable to do that."

-- Bernie Saunders on why Hillary is correct on her statements

There are at least forty different angles to the whole college gimmick, and why the economy attached to it is so screwed up.

With the exception of IT-related positions, the vast number of entry jobs in America really don't require a bachelors degree.  I would even challenge half of the IT-related jobs on needing a guy with a bachelors degree unless this is a full-up engineer's position.

Go and ask a hundred newly hired kids out of a major university over what they learned and how they apply that knowledge to their entry-level job.  I would take a guess that 90-percent will tell you that they could easily accomplish their job with just two years of college.  I might even take a guess that five percent would tell you that with three or four college classes.....they could do their entry-level job without any degree attached.

When you ask colleges and universities about the number of instructors/professors to the number of support staff.....most just grin and refuse to answer questions.  The simple truth is that when you pay $15,000 for tuition at some college for a year....probably fifty-percent or more of that is going toward non-lecture or non-instructor costs.

You have Johnny Junior establish his big dream at age 15 to be such-and-such graduate of a big-name university, and he latches onto a particular degree.....never researching the job field for that degree or what it'll pay for entry-level and the next two or three steps up.  So Johnny Junior gets some help from dad, but he'll owe $40,000 by the end of four years.  Then Johnny Junior discovers that in the region that he wants to live.....there's an overage of people with this degree and entry-level is difficult.  Johnny Junior will waste eight months trying to get job number one, and discover that this only pays $28,000 a year.  Paying the $40k back?  Well, Johnny discovers five years later that he's not moving up much and only making $30,000 a year at age 27.  His debt situation is miserable and not improving.  Who is to blame? Johnny or the system?

These big-name entry jobs?  There's a certain number existing, and then there's marginal entry positions from that point on.  If you dragged this fact out to a bunch of sixteen-year-old kids....they'd all get freaked out and start to look for strictly a two-year occupational field only.  Everyone in the four-year university business is scared that eventually.....reality will be put out on the table and make people grasp the future.

The amusing thing about this whole discussion is that every foot deeper that you get into debt at age 24, means you have less spending power, and will lessen the nation's overall spending on houses, cars, trips, vacations, TVs, or whatever.  If Johnny Junior has to come up with $3,000 this year to cover his college debt....that's money that goes toward a bank or the government....and it means Johnny Junior won't buy a house by age 30 like most people. Neither will Johnny Junior spend that much on cars, or be able afford what was normal spending twenty-five years ago.

The sad thing about all of this is that these are now educated people, who realize that the economic knowledge they should have had twenty years avoid getting so far into debt.....was marginal or non-existent.  Now, they sit there in an apartment because they can afford to buy a house, and they drive a six-year old Nissan because there's just no cash left at the end of the month.....all for a lousy four-year degree that seems to have limited value.

Legalization versus Anti-Legalization

Over the past decade, I've had this interest in the various states moving toward legalization of marijuana.  It's mostly over the fact that sales and usage simply exist today, within the ream of illegality but no one seems to care.  The path to legalization?  It's always an odd path.

So I noticed today, there's a fair amount of hype in California about bringing legalization there.  Most users want it.  Of those opposing?  Oddly, growers are against it.

Now, one would sit there and wonder about this.  Why would weed growers be anti-legalization?

The growers tend to say that if it was legal....there would be regulatory inspections, which means there are rules in place and a necessity for more legal understanding.

It is quiet possible that within five years of legalization....there might be thirty pages of legal codes for growers to be "acceptable" by state law.

This oversight thing would become a daily thing.  Is your product pure?  Is your product grown within bio-ethical standards?  If this is such-and-such category of weed.....are you farming by the right rules?

Then you have to wonder about BIG farms hustling up to the table and having massive operations....cutting cost with migrant workers in the background?  Could the small-time grower with 200 to 300 plants make it?  Would competition cause half the growers of today to drop the product?

Thirty years ago, no one would have thought much about regulations and harm being brought to a profitable enterprise.  Today?  People are very aware of the dangers of over-regulation.  They see examples every evening on TV.

People might vote legalization in....but what happens over the next decade might be curious to watch.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

How German-Style Voting Would Work in the US

First, everyone would be mandated to have a state-ID (not a drivers license, but an actual state-produced ID).  It'd be good for ten years and you'd apply at the county office after you produce your birth certificate and something to show who you are.  The card would cost in the range of $10 to $20. Those who are on welfare, would simply provide evidence of such and they would receive the card for free.  No excuse would be acceptable for lacking the state-ID.  No religious ideology reasons....period.

Then you would register at the county office (the county clerk) and fill out a simple form to note where you live.....the actual house, apartment, cabin, or tent.  It'd take sixty seconds to fill out the form and you sign it.  Data goes into a state database. Only the cops, country clerk or judges can access this database.  It will list only your primary residence.....where you spend most of your time and where you will be taxed from.   If you want to pretend that you live out of a car....fine, where is the car parked?

When elections approach, a letter will be mailed to your residence.  It'll list your voting point, the day of the election, and time of operation.  That letter will be required to vote.

Early voting?  Not possible.

Absentee voting?  It'll be limited to those outside of the country at the time, or those who are in hospitals or old folks homes.

Election day?  It'll be on a Sunday, from 7AM to 6PM.

ID required to vote?  Yes, you will produce that state-ID and show who you are.  No ID?  No vote.

Trying to register in different states and double-vote?  The rolls are shared with other states and individuals who are double-registered will be contacted by the cops to come down and explain their situation.   Unless you've got some major mental might want to get a lawyer and start fixing your double-registration problem real quick.

Dead people voting?  Doesn't happen, unless you died this morning right after you voted in town.

False IDs?  Cops will be called and there are some chances that you might go and spend three months in jail.

I'm not saying the Germans are perfect, but they don't have dead people voting or foreign folks registered to vote.  When they say 125,000 folks voted in this town today.....there's 0-percent chance that 250 dead people voted or 900 foreign citizens were registered to vote.