Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Legalization versus Anti-Legalization

Over the past decade, I've had this interest in the various states moving toward legalization of marijuana.  It's mostly over the fact that sales and usage simply exist today, within the ream of illegality but no one seems to care.  The path to legalization?  It's always an odd path.

So I noticed today, there's a fair amount of hype in California about bringing legalization there.  Most users want it.  Of those opposing?  Oddly, growers are against it.

Now, one would sit there and wonder about this.  Why would weed growers be anti-legalization?

The growers tend to say that if it was legal....there would be regulatory inspections, which means there are rules in place and a necessity for more legal understanding.

It is quiet possible that within five years of legalization....there might be thirty pages of legal codes for growers to be "acceptable" by state law.

This oversight thing would become a daily thing.  Is your product pure?  Is your product grown within bio-ethical standards?  If this is such-and-such category of weed.....are you farming by the right rules?

Then you have to wonder about BIG farms hustling up to the table and having massive operations....cutting cost with migrant workers in the background?  Could the small-time grower with 200 to 300 plants make it?  Would competition cause half the growers of today to drop the product?

Thirty years ago, no one would have thought much about regulations and harm being brought to a profitable enterprise.  Today?  People are very aware of the dangers of over-regulation.  They see examples every evening on TV.

People might vote legalization in....but what happens over the next decade might be curious to watch.

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