Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Paul Ryan, the Opportunist?

My scenario on Paul Ryan:

- He expects Trump to lose, or in better terms.....he wants Trump to lose.  Thus, Hillary will win.

- He knows Hillary is seriously ill and has various health conditions.  He expects Hillary to be a marginal President over the next four years.....with few trips outside of the country, and mostly situated within the White House.

- Ryan has various fake confrontations planned out against the Hillary administration, to keep himself in the spotlight.

- In 2020, Ryan would emerge as the chief Republican to win the primary, and an extremely weak and unhealthy Hillary would run against him....with Ryan winning the 2020 election.

If Trump wins?  Trump might be around to 2024.....a Democrat would probably win that election and the next real chance that Ryan has is in 2032....a LONG time away.

Yes, this is the only way that Ryan can reach the's now, and Trump must lose.

The relationship between a President Trump and Speaker Ryan?  Zero.  I think Ryan has burned enough bridges and dismayed Trump's team enough.....that they will consider him an outsider.  Ryan might survive through 2017, but I'd expect challenges to his authority by various Republicans to occur.

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