Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Irony of Irony of Ironies

I sat this morning and read a piece off the Washington Post.  They wanted to let me know that the Trump-"brand" is finished off now.....that it's the irony of ironies that brought this to occur.

I read through the piece.  It's focused on some half-wit belief that millions of voters dumped Trump and that his "brand" can't come back.

I've reached a point with several newspapers now that I regard them as mostly just regular advertising for some agenda or some lobbyist group, or some political front.  The Wa-Po would fit into that type of comical 'front'.

The added irony here is that Wa-Po and dozens of newspapers have used up their silver bullets and seemed to have lost a fair amount of readers and viewers.  When the smoke clears after election day, and they have hopes that readers will return....I think they will find that they were the real victims of this election.

Added onto this...when you get to January and Trump enters the White House (assuming a win), and the newspapers continue their trend....what do you think the readers left will do?  I suspect that one out of every four remaining readers to various newspapers will send a warning up to their newspaper, and within a hundred days....dump the subscription.

Various newspapers over the next two or three years will become five-day-a-week publications, and in some cases....they will consolidate with other papers to survive. Within the next decade, if you look around your state or region.....if you are lucky.....you will have maybe three or four newspapers left.  The Washington Post will probably survive only as an internet publication in the future, and mostly funded by their owner for his own agenda items.

It's really the end for newspapers I think....if Trump wins.

For the on-line media?  They might be able to survive out the next four years but if Trump runs again in 2020, and the harsh nature of this agenda crowd continues....I think even a quarter of the on-line web sites will drop as well.

It is the irony of irony of ironies....that the news media never realized the impact of this, and blasted away to destroy themselves.  All in the name of.....well....journalism.

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