Saturday, 29 October 2016

Votes Matter in Presidential Elections

Just the numbers to think about over the past thirty years:

President Obama in 2012 won with: 66-million votes.

Senator Obama in 2008 won with: 69.5-million votes.

President Bush in 2004 won with: 62-million votes.

Governor Bush in 2004 won with: 50.5-million votes.

President Clinton in 1996 won with: 47.4-million votes.

Governor Clinton in 1992 won with: 44.9-million votes.

VP Bush in 1988 won with: 48.8-million votes.

President Reagan in 1984 won with: 54.5-million votes.

Governor Reagan in 1980 won with: 43.9-million votes.

Governor Carter in 1976 won with: 40.8-million votes.

President Nixon in 1972 won with: 47-million votes.

Former VP Nixon won in 1968 with 31.7-million votes (George Wallace, curiously in this election took 9.9-million votes.

President Johnson won in 1964 with 41.1-million votes.

Senator Kennedy won in 1960 with 34-million votes.

In this election.....whoever takes 65-million-plus votes....likely wins the race.  A blowout suggestion?  If anyone were to top 70-million, it would be an historical event.

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