Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What May Come to Pass

I will suggest something that might make you sit and ponder.

Let's say that we get to the day after the election, and Trump lost the election.  That somewhere in the mist and fog, both Florida and Ohio went to Hillary.....each by less than 5,000 votes.  Hillary wins.

So four weeks after the election, it becomes apparent that at least 3,000 votes in each state were dead people voting.....and another 12,000 votes were registered to non-citizens.  The news folks will chat about this, but the political folks will just say it's done and we need not get freaked out.

A week passes, and suddenly some state attorney general (perhaps from Alabama, let's say) decides that his state's votes were negated and harmed by the behavior accepted in Florida and Ohio.  So, he brings up court documents and accuses each state....in their respected state courts....of some crime.  He wants damages....in the range of three billion dollars each.  The court tries to laugh this off.....denying the suit....but eventually, the Supreme Court says the case must be tried in each state.

Days pass, and Hillary is sworn in.  By early spring....some other states are joining in on this deal, and the new figure is around ten billion for six states.  Governors from both Florida and Ohio start to worry....as do the House and Senate in Washington.

By June, the case ends.....the jury has awarded five billion dollars (from each state).

By the end of 2017, there's some harsh feelings around and finally the House decides that there needs to be some clean-up.  So, nationally provided ID's are mandated....free of charge.  Every state is mandated to clear all their rolls and start fresh with only US citizens.  The fear?  Let's say we get to 2020 and a dozen states suddenly find more dead people and non-citizens voting.  You might see another run to the bank, and another court episode where billions have to be paid out in damages.  It'd bankrupt some states.

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