Sunday, 23 October 2016

WikiLeaks Observation

The WikiLeaks people have to be sitting there and pondering reality.

They've released a ton of information over the past two months.  You would think that all of this would weigh heavily upon the Democrats in this election and harm Hillary greatly., it's almost nothing.

Why?  I think mostly because the networks, newspapers, and news blogs have almost no coverage.  You can go and view everything at the WikiLeaks site, but that means searching and trying to analyze each single email.  WaPo or NY Times doing the research?  No.....I'd take a guess that almost zero research is being done by them currently.

All of this, and absolutely no take-down?  Yeah, that's the humorous part of this story now.

Presently, I think that they could even come up with a video of Hillary Clinton talking to some crackheads from Atlanta, and promising them jobs with the state department, and I don't think anyone would care.

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