Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Recount Mess?

The Green Party candidate started this suggestion of a recount, and now, Hillary has jumped onto this.  The requirement?  You would have to find three states (probably Michigan, Wisconsin, unknown third state).

Michigan whoops factor?  You'd need 11,000 new and shifted votes.

Wisconsin whoops factor?  You'd need 28,000-plus new and shifted votes.

One of the issues that the recount idiots might want to avoid is the sudden discovery of 10,000 dead voters in one state, or 3,000 voters who voted in two separate county elections, or 25,000 illegal voters.  If you draw any attention to something like that, it'll flip the public to a very negative and bitter reaction on trust with the system.

The Green Party situation?  In some ways, if they had shut down operations and pushed their vote toward Hillary.....there might have been a one-state change in the numbers....enough to make the Electoral College closer.

This ends up taking some people who are mentally fragile as it is right them new false hope....and bleeding their ulcers just a bit more, in some fake world of politics and hoping they can reverse everything done. It's sad in some ways.

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