Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Black Empty-Suit or the Latino-Empty Suit?

Over the next six months, the VIP group of the Democratic Party will meet at some hotel conference.  Their chief topic after lessons learned from this 2016 failure?  Who to start pushing for 2024 (maybe 2020, but I doubt it).

Eventually, some consultant for the party will convince them that they can't run another white guy/gal, period.  It has to be a minority get the extra votes needed.

So the question you go for a empty suit filled by a unknown black guy or a unknown Latino guy?

Everyone will agree that the formula around President Obama was perfect.....he was a virtual unknown, with no real filling material for his suit.  It only makes needs to be a total unknown, with no foundation crap, no corruption situation, no connection to the Saudis, and easily have a life written about them (whether it's true or not).

So, do you pick a Latino guy or black guy?

The Latinos in roughly ten years will be the number one minority in America.  It would make sense to push a Latino-empty-suit.

But then you ask.....will the blacks get hurt by this Latino guy?  Can the Latino-empty-suit pull black votes?

Then you ask....aren't there different Latinos?

Oh my. There are Puerto Rico Latinos, Mexican Latinos, Cuban-conservative Latinos, Cuba-liberal Latinos, Haitian Latinos, Salvadorian Latinos, Honduran Latinos, Panamanian Latinos, etc.

Would the general Latino population circle the camp with a Mexican Latino empty-suit?  Maybe. How about a Cuban-liberal Latino empty-suit?  Probably not.  Would blacks circle the camp of a Mexican Latino empty-suit?  I have my doubts.

So if you were looking for a five-star circus to erupt in for the race to find the next empty suit and what nationality or culture the guy or gal will be.  If you could just find some black-Latino Salvadorian gal with a Columbia law degree who is married to some pro-NFL black, that would be the charmer to hook up with and vote for.

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