Monday, 21 November 2016

The Cheap-Cheap-Cheap Tickets

I follow the airline business and news a good bit.  Over the weekend, I noticed this new ticket gimmick....from United Airlines.

The deal is "basic economy".  So, you get a heavily discounted fact....really cheap.

But there's this other part of the deal.  First, you will only have a purse or computer carry-on or suit-case allowed.  Second, no pre-selected just get what's left over.  And then the final part of the will be the last to board on every single flight.

A normal ticket that might run $250.....might be discounted off to $180 to $190 for this basic economy....which might entice some folks, but then you start thinking about how to pack or survive.

Some guys will look at Fedex and just ship a small package with a change of clothing and their shaving bag to the destination hotel....if this were a five-day thing.

Some folks will simply stuff a pair of underwear and socks into the computer bag, for a two-day trip and just survive off this.

For a business guy, the ticket might make sense.  For 95-percent of society, no....this probably isn't that practical.

Comments from the public so far?  Pretty negative.  Most say that United is just out to screw people, and it's unfair.  The thing is....when you look at a typical 6AM flight out of Nashville or Atlanta....probably half the folks onboard are simply business people going to a meeting somewhere within three hours and intend to fly back home either that night or the next morning.  Most travelers aren't that type, but the early AM guys are usually that way.

Maybe in three years, everyone admits this was a good idea and others will adapt to it.  Most regular people?  No....they probably will never sign up for the discount.

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