Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Fake Slant of a Story

Some Mediaite idiot reporter covering the Trump victory party last night....posted this photo of EXPENSIVE drinks at the Trump rented facility in NY City.

They hyped it as ultra expensive.

The thing is.....if you've ever been to NY City....mixed drinks in general do cost $13 each.  Wine (good wine) runs $13 each.  US beer does run (in a big glass) $10 each. And rarely will you find any sodas in NYC for less than $5 or $6....especially if ice is dumped on top.

So either the reporter is some guy who came out of Waco, Texas or Guntersville, Alabama, and was expecting $6 beers, and $8 cocktails....or they wanted to hype up some bogus slant on an unworthy news item.

If you don't want a beer in the Hilton of New York City ($11 for imported Canadian stuff), then maybe you should have gone down a block or two and just stepped in some Korean "mom and pop" shop to buy a six-pack and drink out front.

Frankly, I've had it with journalists being so slanted that they can't really tell an honest story anymore.

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