Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The "Crazy" Rule

No one really knows how many crazy and dangerous people exist in the United States.  I would even make the accusation that most of us probably would be fairly scared if the actual number came out and we came to face facts that roughly three million Americans have some type of mental problem and have the potential to easily kill.

Today, the Obama Administration came out with a new rule....that basically says health care providers can report the names of mentally ill patients that they feel are a 'threat'......to the FBI firearms background system.

The catch?  Nothing much is said, and most providers would sit there and ask stupid questions about where you draw the line.  A mental health provider might have two hundred people that he regularly sees each month, and twenty of them are showing certain signs of a threat, but if they put the information into that database....and the cops came to visit....the guy or gal would ask questions and feel the provider was now a threat....stopping treatment or going off their medication.

It's what you'd call making the best of a dozen bad decisions.

There are probably a thousand mental health providers who will absolutely never, under any circumstance.....report one of their patients to the FBI database.

There are patients who will put some stupid form in front of the doctor or mental health expert.....making them take an absolute promise to protect their identity and problem from the US government.

If you drew a ten-mile circle around your house and the FBI came to note there were sixteen people considered crazy and dangerous within that circle....how would your attitude change?  Would you arm up and carry a weapon with you every single day?  Would you be inclined to even carry a pistol with you when you went grocery-shopping or stopped off to buy a pizza?

This is the problem with these databases.  They start to be used by various people for different reasons.  Instead of making you feel better or safer.....it just has the opposite effect.

Some people will say over the next year that each entry in the database of crazy people with the intent to harm others.....was a good thing and helped to prevent one more murder.  Maybe.....but I would speculate that fewer people will seek any mental health help in the future and after a while.....some dimwit will analyze the heck out of this to say that we seem to have a positive trend of less crazy people....when it's a false conclusion.

So, don't get excited or start thinking this rule changes fixes anything.